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  1. Metal
  1. collection 30
  2. wishlist 2
  3. followers 3
  4. following 12
    by Lord Phobos
  2. Lil' Shiny Tunes Vol. 1
    by TWRP
  3. Siege
    by Mechina
  4. Space Quest IV Reorchestrated - "Blue Frogs" Complete Soundtrack
    by Space Quest Historian
  5. Primordial (Remastered Edition)
    by Sphere
  6. Justice Wears High Tops
    by Groove Crusader
  7. Phobos I
    by Lord Phobos
  8. Phobos II
    by Lord Phobos
  9. The Prophecy
    by Ninja Sex Party
  10. Over The Top
    by TWRP
  11. Unable to Comply
    by DeltreeC
  12. Believe In Your Dreams
    by TWRP
  13. 2nite EP
    by TWRP
  14. The Device EP
    by TWRP
  15. Telesterion
    by Mechina
  16. Acheron [Compendium]
    by Mechina
  17. Realm Breaker
    by Mechina
  18. Conqueror [Compendium]
    by Mechina
  19. To Coexist is to Surrender
    by Joe Tiberi, David Holch and Mel Rose
  20. The World We Lost
    by Mechina