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Michiel De Nijs

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  2. Metal
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  1. Galgendood
    by GATEWAY
  2. Eldstormur
    by Aðanda
  3. Sweet Evil Sun
  4. Under A Godless Veil
    by Draconian
  5. At The Heart Of Wintervale
    by Twilight Force
  6. The Abyssal Plain
    by DRYAD
  7. Folium Limina
    by The Otolith
  8. Second Death
    by Mansion
  9. The Power of Indifference
    by Maya Fridman
    Snake Snake
    Great album and definitely worth the wait! The instrumental parts really take you on a journey. The voices take you to heights and depths, from powerfull to very fragile and touching. Can only describe it with a dutch word: betoverend!
  10. Ex Est
    by Ggu:ll
  11. Black One
    by SUNN O)))
  12. Metal Solid@rity
    by Metal Solidarity Collective
  13. The Humming Mountain
    by Gaahls WYRD
  14. Advaitic Songs
    by OM
  15. Pilgrimage
    by OM
  16. VA - Not A Minute Of Silence...
    by Various Artists
  17. Paragon of Dissonance [2021 Remaster]
    by Esoteric
  18. Das Ungebrochene Schweigen
    by Kluizenaer
  19. MMXXII
    by Bone Eater
  20. Striving Toward Oblivion
    by VORGA