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  1. Bad Neustadt An Der Saale, Germany
  2. Punk
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  1. Strange & Ever-Changing Depths
    by Narco Debut
    Wanderlush Wanderlush
  2. Garden Dreams
    by Narco Debut
    Lawless, Proud. Lawless, Proud.
  3. Nothing More Than This
    by Chief State
    Broken Eyes Broken Eyes
  4. Inside Your Head
    by Homesafe
    Mountain Mountain
  5. Evermore
    by Homesafe
    Exoneration Exoneration
  6. Sidewinder
    by Stand Atlantic
  7. Let The Waves Crash Down
    by Promise of Redemption
  8. Float
    by Forever Unclean
  9. Nothing I Write You Can Change What You've Been Through
    by Trash Boat
    Strangers Strangers
  10. Celebrate
    by Tiny Moving Parts
    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
  11. Even on the Worst Nights
    by Mixtapes
    Mt. Hope Mt. Hope
  12. The Mourning Post
    by The Mourning Post
    Rewrite Rewrite
  13. EP 2015
    by The Rambles
    Unwind:Escape:Action (Bonus Track - Recorded 2008) Unwind:Escape:Action (Bonus Track - Recorded 2008)
  14. While I Stay Secluded
    by Knuckle Puck
    Bedford Falls Bedford Falls
  15. The Weight That You Buried
    by Knuckle Puck
    Everything Must Go Everything Must Go
  16. Not Like This
    by Iron Chic
    Every Town Has An Elm Street Every Town Has An Elm Street
  17. Good Intentions Giving Way
    by SUCH A MESS
    Landmarks Landmarks
  18. Assfunked
    by Mandrax Queen
    State of Grace State of Grace
  19. Traditions
    by Lost Years
    Costanza, Can't Stand Ya Costanza, Can't Stand Ya
  20. Candlelight Society
    by Lost Years
    Tell it to Seger Tell it to Seger
  21. Grade School Summer
    by Harbour
    Grade School Summer Grade School Summer
  22. All My Exes Are Dead To Me
    by Harbour
    In Her Words In Her Words
  23. Scout's Honor EP
    by Scout's Honor
    Seconds From Disaster Seconds From Disaster
  24. Manifest Destiny
    by Kids these Days
    On My Way On My Way
  25. The Finer Things
    by State Champs
    Elevated Elevated
  26. In It To Win It
    by City Lights
    Lawnmower Lawnmower
  27. Heart to Heart
    by Heart to Heart
    Thanks For Nothing Thanks For Nothing
  28. It Comes With the Job Description
    by Knockout Kid
    Interstate Interstate
  29. Something To Smile About
    by We Still Dream
    Happily Never After Happily Never After
  30. Stories You Can't Share
    by You Vandal
    Screwdriver Screwdriver
  31. The Way Things Should Be
    by City Lights
    Promises Promises
  32. All The World Won't Show You
    by Follow Your Hero
    All The World Won't Show You All The World Won't Show You
  33. Tribute to the Masters Vol.1
    by ProleteR
    Percy Sledge - Spooky (ProleteR tribute) Percy Sledge - Spooky (ProleteR tribute)