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  1. The Jordan Lake Sessions: Volumes 1 and 2
    by The Mountain Goats
  2. Getting Into Knives
    by The Mountain Goats
  3. Cut & Stitch
    by Petrol Girls
    Big Mouth Big Mouth
    Impassioned melodic hardcore propelling a liberated future.

    I’d rather be naive / Than a nihilist
  4. by Alien Weaponry
    Kai Tangata Kai Tangata
    Alien Weaponry is proof that thrash can be absorbed in utero. Roots is Sepultura's best album and these young metalheads are fire.

    ga tā moko puhoro - (The tattooed bodies of warriors) / Anei nga tohu a Tūmatauenga - (These are the omens of war)
  5. Carry Me Home
    smooooooth and soulful. more please!
  6. Coriky
    by Coriky
    Clean Kill Clean Kill
    the dischord sound's intact.

    when the next shift showed up / her replacement asked her / "what's been going on?" / she said, "not very much" / but she'd seen a lot of action / oh the terrible things she's seen / on her screen
    by Bars of Gold
    Sometimes Sometimes
    One of my faves of 2019. Three dudes from Bear vs Shark and co yelp and shimmy across the post punk dance floor

    they were only high school kids for what it's worth / wearing gold pants and gold shirts, baby
  8. The Passion Of
    Street Pulse Beat Street Pulse Beat
    punk's alive, well and thoroughly queer, throbbing with defiance in a dim NOLA warehouse.

    I go by many names / Such as / Mistress / Goddess / Allah / Jah / And jesus fucking christ / For am i not your necromancer / your lover in the end of time
  9. Chapter 319
    by clipping.
    Chapter 319 Chapter 319
    dope protest music for the movement amid trauma and tragedy. so many kids bumping this on tiktok makes me optimistic.

    donald trump is a white supremacist / full stop / if you vote for him again, you're a white supremacist / full stop
  10. Pleasure Venom
    by Pleasure Venom
    Hive Hive
    A serrated no wave squall that twists and stomps. Extra points for song title "Gunt."

    calamity in your eyes / depravity by design
  11. Anthropocosmic Nest
    by The Messthetics
    Drop Foot Drop Foot
    Lush, swirling, instrumental rock groove, at times an jazzy or jagged.
  12. Songs for Pierre Chuvin
    by The Mountain Goats
    Aulon Raid Aulon Raid
    Fixing for the tape hiss of john's early albums? These vignettes from antiquity will scratch that itch nicely.

    We will deal with you / me and my pagan crew
  13. Twelve Nudes
    by Ezra Furman
    My Teeth Hurt My Teeth Hurt
    Raw & righteously rawking

    I look out from my own eyes like a diver from a mask / I don't know how I'm doing lately / Fuck you if you ask / My teeth hurt.
  14. Fever Dreams
    by Cloud Rat
    Caregiving To The Passive Caregiving To The Passive
    These early splits document how Cloud Rat sprung forth from the forehead of mother grind fully formed, a lurching battering ram.

    Delicious, I begin to quiver / I feel my power, now full as a flooding ocean
  15. Pollinator
    by Cloud Rat
    Webspinner Webspinner
    Glad to see Cloud Rat get some well-deserved love for this characteristically killer record.

    You see only me / Obsession in the middle of a burning fire / Make a wife / Sick fuck / You would do anything
  16. The Scars of Man on the Once Nameless Wilderness (I and II)
    by Panopticon
    The Wandering Ghost The Wandering Ghost
    I'm all about the folk / post-rock half of this double album.

    Well he came from far off/over behind the hills / and he was raised on the silent stars and the sound of the whip-poor-wills
  17. Talk Of Violence
    by Petrol Girls
    Touch Me Again Touch Me Again
    Ren Aldridge deftly spits feminist fire over angular, driving post-hardcore. Catchy, driving, tight.

    Unleash disorder / fuck what they told us / I can't get no / Erect shaft-like monuments for your wars
  18. Clipped Beaks
    by Cloud Rat
    Drainpipe Drainpipe
    Everything I love about heavy music.

    Have all the rapture! / Salivating as you humanize weapons /Calling out the dogs of a nuclear priesthood
  19. Silk Panic
    by Cloud Rat
    Baby Sling Balloon Born Baby Sling Balloon Born
    Not yet familiar with the cathartic din that is Cloud Rat? Taste this and then you'll have no choice but to buy the rest!
  20. Cloud Rat
    by Cloud Rat
    Sinkhole Sinkhole
    99% Percentile grind.

    My body is the battleground where I hate myself / But there's nothing wrong with me. / I am something. / I am. I am.