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  1. The Vile bodies E.P.
    by nMmF of 13luger Recording Company
    The Endgame The Endgame
    Normally, there aren't many instrumentals that I like and, IMHO,a lot of them are pretty average these days. However, something, (probably the £1 price if I'm honest), made me listen to this - and it's great! (Just ignore the last track though!) [2014]
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  2. Lightfields
    by Adam Fielding
    Lightfields Lightfields
    Stick with it because this album grows on you. He's got a very good voice and the music he makes is first-class. NYP. [2010]
  3. Cut. (24bits)
    by AES DANA feat. MIKTEK
    Evenfall - 24bits Evenfall - 24bits
    I don't usually do 'Ambient', but WTF! It's only 3 tracks, [20m], + it's cool - real late night music IMHO. [2014]
  4. Katarsis
    by Agusa
    Uti vår hage (live) Uti vår hage (live)
  5. Två
    by Agusa
    Gånglåt från Vintergatan Gånglåt från Vintergatan
    An instrumental - 2 tracks, 38 mins - a Swedish progressive rock band - I love it. [2015]
  6. Death Is Just A Feeling
    by Amadeus Awad
    Lonesome Clown Lonesome Clown
    I like this guy - simple! [2015]
  7. Schizanimus
    by Amadeus Awad
    A Song for a Loner A Song for a Loner
    Why do I love it? Simple - it's my kind of music! Good sound, great guitar work, vocals aren't bad ... [2013]
  8. Rebirth
    by Anthony Greentree
    Want You Want You
    A solo male singer/songwriter. Reminds me very much of the early Moody Blues when they had a flute. [2012]
  9. Fred
    by astroslacks
    Something Slower for the Drummer Something Slower for the Drummer
    Great instrumental 'space-rock'. NYP. [2015]
    by Beach Skulls
    In the Dark In the Dark
    Sort of 'Doo Wop' in style if you're old enough to know what I mean! Very pleasant. NYP. [2013]
  11. Kidsticks
    by Beth Orton
    Dawnstar Dawnstar
    Far more up-tempo than most of her other stuff but to a long term Beth Orton fan like me, it doesn't matter. AFAIK, the woman can do no wrong! [2016]
  12. Sugaring Season
    by Beth Orton
    Magpie Magpie
    I love Beth Orton - she's brilliant! She's been a favourite of mine for ages and to discover an album of hers on Bandcamp is wonderful. But, only 8 collections, (sorry, make that 9!),- huh? Come on people - discover her! [2012]
  13. 'Wretched Body' EP
    by Beth Rowley
    Wretched Body Wretched Body
    I've always liked Beth Rowley + I just happened on this. [2013]
  14. London Song
    by Big Big Train
    London Song London Song
    Wonderful 'themed' compilation. NYP. [2017]
  15. The Second Brightest Star
    by Big Big Train
    The Second Brightest Star The Second Brightest Star
    Last of the trilogy that started with 'Folklore'. Great stuff. [2017]
  16. Grimspound (hi resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    Brave Captain Brave Captain
    They just get better + better! (2017)
  17. Folklore (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    Folklore Folklore
    Wonderful stuff - BBT just nail it every time! (2016)
  18. Wassail EP
    by Big Big Train
    Lost Rivers of London Lost Rivers of London
    I've got their last three albums - they're great - can't wait for their next full album. In the meantime, this fills the gap nicely! (2015)
  19. English Electric: Full Power (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    East Coast Racer East Coast Racer
    This band are great but I think that what I like most of all is the vocalist. To me, the lyrics and vocals turn this album from being a very good example of British Prog/Folk rock into one of the best I've heard in years. (2013)
  20. Far Skies Deep Time (import version)
    by Big Big Train
    Kingmaker Kingmaker
  21. The Underfall Yard
    by Big Big Train
    Evening Star Evening Star
  22. Becoming One
    by Birzer Bandana
    The Dance The Dance
    I like this type of music - reminds me very much of Salander. NYP. [2017]
  23. Black Chamber
    by Black Chamber
    Other Days Other Days
    It's soooo chilled and laidback it's wonderful. Just a trumpet, drums and double bass. Jazzy feel and terrific value. Fabulous! NYP. [2013]
  24. Lost In A Dream
    by black sand
    Indian Summer Indian Summer
    If ever an album had a more appropriate title it'd be hard to find it! [2016]
  25. King Nine
    by Blueneck
    Man of Lies Man of Lies
    This album grows on you - stick with it. For devotees of having to ascribe a particular album to a particular genre, (which I'm most decidedly not!), I guess you'd call this post-rock. [2014]
  26. Avenues
    by Canvas
    Liberal Son Liberal Son
    I love it because:

    1) it's over 110 mins of good songs,
    2) they're a good band,
    3)the music is eclectic to say the least covering multi-genres,
    4) it's only $8!!
  27. Long Way To Mars
    by Canvas
    Long Way To Mars Long Way To Mars
    A super album by a band I like. This time, they've added a goood female vocalist for some tracks.
  28. CHILD
    by CHILD
    Trees Trees
    Wow! Talk about mean, HEAVY Blues! The vocalist even has one of those 'gravelly' voices that goes perfectly. NYP.
  29. The Sun Studio Recordings
    by Chris Sutton
    Struggle Struggle
    One man, along with his guitar and a real gravelly voice, singing blues - great.
  30. Cigale
    by Cigale
    Steeplechase Steeplechase
    A real BC find - just my sort of 'laid back' listening. The female vocalist has a pretty good voice too.
  31. K.
    by Cigarettes After Sex
  32. Affection
    by Cigarettes After Sex
    Keep On Loving You Keep On Loving You
    I just love this stuff!
  33. I.
    by Cigarettes After Sex
    Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby Nothing's Gonna Hurt You Baby
    Lovely EP -'Lana del Ray-type' music. Maybe she got her inspiration from this band! NYP.
  34. Beyond The Vale
    by Cloud Atlas
    Searchlight Searchlight
    Very good new group - terrific album of very good melodic rock. The female vocalist has one of those impressive powerful voices.
  35. Space Jams Vol. I
    by Cosmic Realm
    Weird Space Jam Weird Space Jam
    The title and the name of the artist say it all!
  36. EP2 How To Carve A Carrot Into A Rose
    by courtney barnett
    avant gardener avant gardener
    Clever little album by Australian singer/songwriter.
  37. En L'air
    by Dark Furs
    See Her See Her
  38. Dark Furs EP
    by Dark Furs
    Won't See Me Won't See Me
    Great little album. There are only two of them and she has a great voice. NYP.
  39. New World (Deluxe Edition)
    by Dave Kerzner
    Stranded (Pt 1-5) Stranded (Pt 1-5)
    This is a really good album. It's what an old f*rt like me would call a good old-fashioned prog rock concept album. It certainly doesn't have to have loud fuzzy guitars to make its point. In places, it reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd. It's not cheap [$19.99] but at over 143m, it's good value.
  40. Thermionic Emissions vol. 1
    by Dead Sea Apes
    Nagual Nagual
    Nothing but a good old fashioned guitar jam with no vocals. Very slow. ... and it's one of those 'name your price' EP's. I just love it!
  41. After the Fall
    by Dodson and Fogg
    You're An Island You're An Island
    Just one guy + guests - mainly acoustic. A 'gentle' album/
  42. Five Songs from the Cave
    by Dodson and Fogg
    Oh So Strong Oh So Strong
  43. Domboshawa
    by Domboshawa
    Poseidon Poseidon
    Great example of pure space rock by this Swedish band.
  44. Stripped
    by Downplay
    Burn it Away Burn it Away
    It's a very pleasant album - one guy with a good voice, acoustic guitar and light backing; a good blend.
  45. Soul, Body and Mind
    by Dread Hot
    Soul, Body and Mind Soul, Body and Mind
    Pure reggae. Great music for late evening. NYP as well!