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  1. Lightfields
    by Adam Fielding
    Stick with it because this album grows on you. He's got a very good voice and the music he makes is first-class. NYP. [2010]
  2. Cut. (24bits)
    by AES DANA feat. MIKTEK
    I don't usually do 'Ambient', but WTF! It's only 3 tracks, [20m], + it's cool - real late night music IMHO. [2014]
  3. AGUSA
    by Agusa
  4. Katarsis
    by Agusa
  5. Två
    by Agusa
    An instrumental - 2 tracks, 38 mins - a Swedish progressive rock band - I love it. [2015]
  6. Death Is Just A Feeling
    by Amadeus Awad
    I like this guy - simple! [2015]
  7. Schizanimus
    by Amadeus Awad
    Why do I love it? Simple - it's my kind of music! Good sound, great guitar work, vocals aren't bad ... [2013]
  8. Rebirth
    by Anthony Greentree
    A solo male singer/songwriter. Reminds me very much of the early Moody Blues when they had a flute. [2012]
  9. Fred
    by astroslacks
    Great instrumental 'space-rock'. NYP. [2015]
    by Beach Skulls
    Sort of 'Doo Wop' in style if you're old enough to know what I mean! Very pleasant. NYP. [2013]
  11. Kidsticks
    by Beth Orton
    Dawnstar Dawnstar
    Far more up-tempo than most of her other stuff but to a long term Beth Orton fan like me, it doesn't matter. AFAIK, the woman can do no wrong! [2016]
  12. Sugaring Season
    by Beth Orton
    I love Beth Orton - she's brilliant! She's been a favourite of mine for ages and to discover an album of hers on Bandcamp is wonderful. But, only 8 collections, (sorry, make that 9!),- huh? Come on people - discover her! [2012]
  13. 'Wretched Body' EP
    by Beth Rowley
    I've always liked Beth Rowley + I just happened on this. [2013]
  14. Grand Tour
    by Big Big Train
    Fantastic music - BBT just keep getting better + better!
  15. London Song
    by Big Big Train
    Wonderful 'themed' compilation. NYP. [2017]
  16. The Second Brightest Star
    by Big Big Train
    Last of the trilogy that started with 'Folklore'. Great stuff. [2017]
  17. Grimspound (hi resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    They just get better + better! (2017)
  18. Folklore (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    Wonderful stuff - BBT just nail it every time! (2016)
  19. Wassail EP
    by Big Big Train
    Lost Rivers of London Lost Rivers of London
    I've got their last three albums - they're great - can't wait for their next full album. In the meantime, this fills the gap nicely! (2015)
  20. English Electric: Full Power (hi-resolution audio)
    by Big Big Train
    East Coast Racer East Coast Racer
    This band are great but I think that what I like most of all is the vocalist. To me, the lyrics and vocals turn this album from being a very good example of British Prog/Folk rock into one of the best I've heard in years. (2013)