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  1. Meta
    by Car Bomb
    From The Dust Of This Planet From The Dust Of This Planet
  2. Every Piece Matters
    by Plini
  3. Figurehead
    by The Queenstons
    Figurehead Figurehead
  4. Neotokyo
  5. Five Nights at Freddy's
    by The Living Tombstone
    Five Nights at Freddy's Five Nights at Freddy's
  6. Happy Happenstance
    by You Break, You Buy
    Billy and the Cloneasaurus Billy and the Cloneasaurus
  7. I, a Seawolf, a Madman.
    by One Leg Mary
    Consume. Atone. Repeat. Consume. Atone. Repeat.
    Amazing from start to finish that I cannot stop listening too. It's one of the few albums that I have to start from the beginning and always end up seeing through to very end.
  8. wish i was here (or how things went wrong)
    by goreshit
    how things went wrong how things went wrong
  9. evereffervescent
    by The Queenstons
    Timeflies Timeflies
  10. BreezeSphere Mk.6
    by NegaRen
    Start Again Start Again
  11. Ancient Artifact ARGÓS-CCCIII
    by Rotteen
    Like A Fuckin' Sun Like A Fuckin' Sun
  12. D.O.S. (Deadly Operating System)
    by Azrael-II
    Intro Intro
  13. Strengths
    by Invalids
    Antimetabole Antimetabole
    One of my favorite math rock albums that exists in this world so far. Definitely an album I want to show to everyone I know.
  14. Heavy Meddlers
    by Father Figure
    March of the Rare Bird March of the Rare Bird
  15. Dead Dog Nights
    by Gears Of The Apparatus
    Arrival Arrival
  16. Bogus
    by Mouthbreather
    Free Won't Free Won't
  17. Droids
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    Happy As Larry, Larry Is Dead Happy As Larry, Larry Is Dead
  18. caractère difficile
    by Darius
    arrivée arrivée
  19. Interim
    by Goodthink
    Would've Would've
  20. Cutting Teeth
    by Gears Of The Apparatus
    A Grave For All Thrones A Grave For All Thrones
    A wicked, breakcore/chiptune/whatever album by the eclectic electronic musician Gears of the Apparatus. The overall diversity of sounds and genres in this album is probably what makes this one of my favorite releases of his.
  21. Sacrifice
    by Portasound
    Procession Procession
    I really loved how this album manages to have such a catchy a danceble feel to it, while still experimenting with their sound in ways you don't hear quite to often. This album sort of makes me think a much more electronic heavy DFA 1979, which may or may not be accurate.
    by MNHM
    The Filth The Filth
    I've had this bookmarked for ages, I'm so glad I could finally afford it. I instantly love anything that uniquely incorporates a saxophone into whatever they're playing. Looking forward to jamming out to this in my car.
  23. Elevation
    by Akashic
    Weapons of Mass Deception Weapons of Mass Deception
    Super tight and interesting progressive deathcore. It can be somewhat hard nowadays to keep things interesting in this genre, but these guys got their shit down, awesome album.
  24. Θυг Δτѳϻϟ Ϸlѳτ Ϝѳг Θυг Ξѵѳlυτιѳn
  25. MTMTM EP
    by Mouth To Mouth To Mouth
    Mickey Mouth Mickey Mouth
  26. Hexagram 63 既濟
    Ninja Halls Of Death Ninja Halls Of Death
    One of the chillest god damn album's, with great use of some really cool sampling, and having this neat eastern sound laid on top, resulting in being super laid-back chill-out music, but at the same time really interesting to listen to.
  27. Jazzes
    by Vernon Wayne
    Ursa, Minor Ursa, Minor
    Really mathy, awesome vocals, and an overall unique and amazing vibe throughout the whole album make this a must listen album. Also don't forget to check out their other album, Prints!
  28. Sea Dog
    by Wiltz
    The Last Wiltz The Last Wiltz
    An awesome, instrumental math rock/ j azz fusion album, found these guys and bought a physical copy of Sea Dog through Little League Records. This only makes me more excited to be apart of such a wide array of eclectic, genre bending releases.
  29. 100 One Says
    by 100 Onces
    Organicore Organicore
    These guys release the coolest fucking tunes, all for free. I mean, how can you be any cooler than that? Also, every song is amazing from beginning to end, picking a favorite was pretty hard .
  30. Temple Said No-Brainer
    by Pisces at The Animal Fair
    Bender's Gotten Ax Bender's Gotten Ax
    Rad progressive rock who's members are even radder members since they totally hand drew a super DIY CD case since they were out of CD's at the time.
  31. Patsy Cline Gun Squid
    by The Para-Medics
    Tropical Caterpillar Tropical Caterpillar
    Basically a math rock masterpiece by a bunch of super rad dudes.This album contains a lots and lots of super mathy rhythms and unique song yet catchy song structures. I can't believe I waited this long to buy it.
  32. Croupier
    by Croupier
    Dear Murray, Dear Murray,
    Another fucking radical, genre bending album I'm very grateful for finding. The use of vocal harmonies with awesome post rock/math rock instrumentals makes this album worth checking out.
  33. Real Ale and Model Rail: The Lonely Man's Guide to Not Committing Suicide
    by Alpha Male Tea Party
    I Don't Even Like Hollyoaks Anyway I Don't Even Like Hollyoaks Anyway
    It feels like this has been my all time favorite album for a lot longer than it's actually existed, like a much needed missing link in my music library. I specifically love the fluid and catchy use of odd time signatures with just the right amount of heaviness from the instrumentals.
  34. Congratulations On Your Loss
    by Father Figure
    Arithmetickle Arithmetickle
    This is seriously one of the best god damn combinations of math rock, jazz, and post rock I've have heard in awhile. I really wish more bands like this existed, this is like Mouse on the Keys good,
  35. Beginnings
    by Koi.
    Requiem Requiem
    This album is so fucking chill and basically impossible to not enjoy. Not to mention it's only a dollar, worth every penny and then some.
  36. Geography
    by Vasco Da Gama
    Brigadiers Brigadiers
    I really dig the vocals, especially how they interact with the instrumentals.
  37. AMTP
    by alpha male tea party
    Jason Fucked The Argonauts Jason Fucked The Argonauts
    Every album these guys have out is nothing except fucking amazing. Some of the grooviest and mathy riffs I've heard in a long time.
  38. Split w. Death Mercedes
    by Burning Bright
    Milestones Milestones
    Burning Bright is wonderful and I'm super glad I found Death Mercedes through them, great stuff!
  39. Arc Storm
    by Arc Storm
    Gator Wrestler Gator Wrestler
    Awesome, technical, and groovy metal, love these dudes!
  40. Mixtape "Side A" EP
    by Man, The Reformer
    Terraformer Terraformer
    Some sweet prog rock/post hardcore stuff with instrumentals somewhat similar to bands like Circa Survive and Children of Nova.
  41. Paths
    by Night Idea
    Born In Debt Born In Debt
    Super rad math rock with really soothing and perfect vocals. Has that awesome post rock and math rock combination to it, not to mention the production is great.
  42. Pinched.
    by Hank.
    Judging Giraffe Always Looks Down Judging Giraffe Always Looks Down
    Randomly chaotic and mathy in every sense. Has both clean and harsh vocals, which gives this album a really unique and sporadic sound.
  43. The Primordial Booze
    by Rainbowdragoneyes
    Creatures Ov Deception Creatures Ov Deception
    I mean what isn't fucking awesome about chiptune death metal form the drummer of the tech metal band Vale of Pnath.
    by Cryptopsy
    Red-Skinned Scapegoat Red-Skinned Scapegoat
    This is just another level of chaotic mathcore goodness. The only thing though is I wish they did more random jazz interludes instead just a few throughout the entire album. Still a solid and technical as fuck release from Cryptopsy.
  45. Kebnekaise
    by Wot Gorilla?
    655 655
    Such a solid album, definitely check these guys out. Math rock with emo like vocals on top.