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  1. Wings Alleluia
    by Thayer Sarrano
  2. Sing Me An Old Tune
    by Ian Fitzgerald & Rachel Sumner
  3. Blue Part
    by Aubrey Haddard
  4. Two Bit Gambler
    by Kiki Cavazos
  5. secret princess
    by NOVA ONE
  6. Saviors of Country Music - Live at the American Legion Post 82
    by Buck N Stuff
    I've Got a Tiger By the Tail I've Got a Tiger By the Tail
    Because it has a lot of Buck and a lot of Stuff.
    appears in 1 other collection
  7. Shaky
    by Thayer Sarrano
  8. Phantom Train
    by The Marshall Pass
  9. Angel Dream
    by The Marshall Pass
  10. Maggie
    by The Marshall Pass
  11. no parenthesis
    by SwampBirds
  12. Walls
    by Aaron Lee Tasjan & Lilly Hiatt
  13. Boy Crazy and Single(s)
    by Lydia Loveless
  14. Sad Southern Songs
    by Zach Parks
  15. Avalon
    by The Huntress and Holder of Hands
  16. Desire / Sorry
    by Lydia Loveless
  17. All in a Day's Waste
    by Tall Teenagers
  18. Spun Open
    by Hawthorn
  19. Through These Waves
    by Bill Scorzari
  20. The Likes
    by Divey
  21. Freedays
    by Tall Tall Trees
  22. A Taco Truck On Every Corner (single)
    by The Blue Ribbons
  23. Goddamn It I'm So Lonely
    by Ditch
  24. Ali McGuirk EP
    by Ali McGuirk
  25. Space's Blooze
    by Uncle Space & The Boys
  26. Death Hoax
    by The Curtis Mayflower
  27. Songs of Praise and Scorn
    by Christopher Paul Stelling
  28. Fratricide
    by The Horse-Eyed Men
  29. Ashes
    by INFJ
  30. Call to Arms (album version)
    by The Huntress and Holder of Hands
  31. What Have We Done?
    by Ali McGuirk
  32. The Planet Gig
    by Eugene Chadbourne vs. The Blue Ribbons
  33. EP 2016
    by Matt Kelly
  34. Samson In New Orleans
    by Dylan Sevey
  35. Rocks and Gravel
    by Tim Easton and Friends
  36. The Z-Boys
    by The Z-Boys
  37. Brand New Flag
    by Two Cow Garage
  38. Live In Brussels
    by All Them Witches
  39. Elmwood Park: A Slightly Melodic Audiobook
    by Darrin Bradbury
  40. Ocean
    by Taylor Holland
  41. The SneakUps
    by Brian Wright
  42. Holy Cross Hillbillies
    by The Wasted Lives
  43. Beautiful Boot Leg - Live at Rick Walker's
    by Ajda the Turkish Queen
  44. Real
    by Lydia Loveless
  45. Locals Covering Locals: Volume 2
    by Red Line Roots