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  1. Hollow
    by Wraiths
  2. Winter Demo
    by Spineless
    appears in 1 other collection
  3. The Recluse
  4. VOID (ft. Michael Klocke of Wits End)
  5. Baby Bone
    by Pouya
    Gotta Go (Prod. Prometheus) Gotta Go (Prod. Prometheus)
  6. The Recluse
    N(a)il (ft. Troy Greene of VÆN) N(a)il (ft. Troy Greene of VÆN)
  7. Viral
    Beyond the Throne Beyond the Throne
  8. Septem Peccata Mortalia
    by Ubiquitous
    Superbia Superbia
  9. Father Horror
    by Inanimate Prognosis
    Unborn Atrocity (feat. Duncan of Vulvodynia) Unborn Atrocity (feat. Duncan of Vulvodynia)
    Some of the heaviest shit i have heard in a while. These dudes know how to write some good ass Slam. been jamming this a shit ton
  10. Solitude:Act I
    by Godsfarm
  11. Freak Show
    by Armageddon Awaits
    Death Wish II Death Wish II
    So much darker and heavier than their last release. It's like a dark twisted roller coaster into hell. I can't get enough of this album!
  12. Embarkment
    by The Maiden Voyage
    The End The End
    Straight outta Milwaukee, the Maiden Voyage knows how to keep it interesting with the beautiful melodies and cleans and still keep it heavy and catchy as fuck
  14. Tempter
    by Tempter
    Hymns of the Blasphemous Hymns of the Blasphemous
  15. The Hell Complex
    by Orinoco
    The Claw The Claw
  16. Filth
    by A Night at the Chalet
    Disgusting Images of Reality Disgusting Images of Reality
  17. The Filth of Humanity
    by Obliterate
  18. Valiance EP
    by Valiance
    The Feared The Feared
  19. I Am Hell
    by Blind Witness
    I Am Hell I Am Hell
  20. Wretched Existence
    by Before The Harvest
  21. Roots
    by Pangaea
  22. Force Fed
  23. Alone In The Morgue
    by Alone In The Morgue
  24. While I Stay Secluded
    by Knuckle Puck
    But Why Would You Care? But Why Would You Care?
  25. Eternal Misery
    by No Zodiac
    King Of Scorn King Of Scorn
  26. Symphony Of Horror
    by In Chasms Deep
  27. I Killed Everyone "Dead Peasants"
    by Innerstrength Records
  28. Dissentient
    by AngelMaker
  29. Warpath
    by ShotsFired
  30. Vulgar Display of Covers E.P.
    by Born Into Exile
  31. Casualties of Carnage
    by Born Into Exile
  32. Colossus
    by Arbiter
  33. Dishonor
  34. When Mutation Becomes Homicidal
  35. I Am Violence
    by Drag The Lake
  36. An End Reborn
    by The Russian Sleep Experiment
  37. Sickness Vol: 1
    by VCTMS
  38. EXTERMINATION: Chapter I
    by Pure Deathcore
  39. The Narcissist
    by Under Aegis
    appears in 1 other collection
  40. This Is Deathcore Pt.3
    by Pure Deathcore
  41. From Birth EP & Singles
    by Level the City
  42. Darkside of Paradise
    by A Night at the Chalet
  43. Self Titled EP
    by A Night at the Chalet
  44. Self-Titled EP
    by Obliterate
  45. We Are Obscurity
    by The Dialectic