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  1. Live at Bridge City Sessions
    by Ludlow
  2. DIY Another Day
    by This Is A Robbery
  3. Overwhelmed and Underdressed
    by Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra
    Howl Howl
    great album
  4. Lower Class Crucifixion (AF003)
    by The Unseen
    Goodbye America Goodbye America
  5. The Volatile Utopian Real Estate Market
    by Pat The Bunny
  6. Life Is Ruff
    by Dollar Signs
    by Days N Daze
  8. Feeling Disconnected
    by Mobina Galore
    Start All Over Start All Over
    the Slowdown last weekend with Against ME! very impressed.
  9. Always Leaving
    by Walter Etc.
  10. Folk The Border
    by No Mans Records
  11. Now Thats What I Call Christmas
    by TRAC
  12. Antiquiet Sessions #19
    by Against Me!
  13. A Pre-Existing Condition
    by David Dondero
    Boxcar Boxcar
    great song
  14. One Last Big Job
    by Ramshackle Glory
  15. we will drive these warlords out
    by Pedals on our Pirate Ships
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Live at the Wunderbar
    by Erica Freas
    Real Mean Real Mean
    best version of Real Mean
  17. Surprise!
    by Moon Bandits
  18. Broken Heart (early/pre-release version)
  19. Dystopia
    by Jessie Williams
    The Stream The Stream
    my favorite JW album.I already had it but never paid for it before. Worth the 5.
  20. Probably Nothing, Possibly Everything
    by Pat The Bunny