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Michael Feihstel

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  1. I want you to know
  2. Sons of Ethiopia
    by Admas
  3. The Indoor Gardener
    by Double Geography
  4. Actual Presence
    by Carlos Niño & Friends
  5. Attack Of The Chicago Boogie
    by Various
  6. Unity
    by Landon Caldwell
  7. Oasis
    by Il Guardiano Del Faro
  8. Bon Momentos
    by Sérginho Meriti
    Bons Momentos Bons Momentos
    That came out of nowhere. Somehow I missed that this brazilian gem has finally been reissued...and that Time Capsule found its way to Bandcamp. Welcome surprises in both cases.
  9. Prophecy
    by Laurence Pike
  10. Towers of Silence
    by Adult Fantasies
  11. Luz Bel
    by Bélver Yin
  12. Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume Two)
    by Jon Hassell
  13. July
    by The Cleaners From Venus
  14. The Game Of Music
    by Crisrail
  15. Select Works . vol I
    by Pontiac Streator
  16. Literature
    by Tomotsugu Nakamura
  17. Pontiac Streator - 'Triz'
    by Motion Ward
  18. Shake It
    by Imagination
    Mornin' Lights Mornin' Lights
    Been looking forward to this one. Essential reissue for anyone just remotely interested in summery AOR...or really just able to appreciate a proper hot, cloudless, smooth-sailing midsummer afternoon's soundtrack.
  19. Joe Gallardo & Sol - "Sol"
  20. Brazilian Dorian Dream
    by Manfredo Fest