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  1. rejects
    by OSCOB
  2. praise the sun god
    by OSCOB
    the crucifixion of helios the crucifixion of helios
    Music taken from sundry locales, and then recycled, reduced, reused. Praise the Sun God is alternatively deeply nostalgic, obnoxious, hilarious and at times quite frightening. If you're old enough, you may recognize the source music OSCOB uses to create their sounds. But in its new form, the music has been completely recontextualized and it acquires an unexpected emotional power in the process. The soundtrack for the transformation of Earth into Venus.
  3. 247 365
    by Naked Flames
  4. Age of Aquarius
    by Villagers of Ioannina City
    Part V Part V
    Fantastic band and the singer's voice is very beautiful. It's a kind of metal, but the edges have been nicely smoothed and gracefully contoured. I hear elements of Sabbath, Aphrodite's Child and hints of Tool even. Simply fantastic.
  5. Романтика
    by Маяк
  6. parallax tracks part 1
    by kuf
  7. Till dig
    by Birds ov Paradise
  8. Barrow
    by Cemeteries
    Sodus Sodus
    Found a YouTube video of "Sodus" and was deeply moved by the track. Decided the tune all by itself was worth a tenner, and ended up getting the whole album for that. Dreamy, achey sort of nostalgic music... funny how Kyle has some kind of insight into the memories of people he's never met. Or maybe we all share different but similar experiences, and Kyle's found a way to channel them through his writing. Either way, this is some powerful medicine.
  9. Memorial
    by Birds ov Paradise
    Kajsa Kajsa
    Wonderful techno trance stuff, and the vinyl pressings are exquisite.
  10. Shadow of Fear
    by Cabaret Voltaire
    Universal Energy Universal Energy
    Don't love it quite yet... just bought it! But I have been a CV fan since the late '80s. Just glad to hear CV is back in the saddle, even if it is without Dr. Mallinder's cracked vocal stylings! Long live CV!
  11. Torn In Two
    by Deru
  12. ждите Нас Звезды!
    by Project Lazarus
    луч луч
    When I first received this 2LP set, I was not very impressed with side A, but when I turned it over to play side B, I realized I was finally "inside" the music. Lovely stuff.
  13. Akupunktur
    by Kuf
  14. UM018
    by Härdstedt
    Sandtorget Sandtorget
    I am always sad when a Härdstedt song is finished...wish they would go on forever!
  15. Den Heliga Ån
    by Aos
  16. UM016
    by Härdstedt
  17. UM015
    by Almawashi
  18. Vadstena
    by offworldcolonies
  19. Näckrosen
    by Session
  20. Silent Spring
    by Oak