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  1. What On Earth Can We Do
    by Abuse of Power
  2. Ill Blood
    by Ill Blood
  3. Whispers Against the Roar of the World
    by Spirit Crusher
  4. Just Another Day
    by Never Ending Game
  5. From Me To You
    by One Step Closer
  6. Who The Hell Is WILD SIDE?
    by Wild Side
  7. To Whatever Fateful End
    by Magnitude
  8. Make America Hate Again
    by Slapshot
  9. Bad To My World
    by Backtrack
  10. Time Is Now
    by Ecostrike
  11. Excalibur
  12. Nametaker - Team Up [Backbite Records 2017]
    by Nametaker
  13. Demo MMXII
    by Change