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The Philharmonic Orchestra

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  1. As Punk as a Drunk!
    by The Delfino Trio
    Food Photos Food Photos
  2. Metropolis Noir
    by The Philharmonic Orchestra
    Dr. Zhivago Dr. Zhivago
  3. Easy There Bud
    by All City League
    Radio the Police Radio the Police
  4. Higher Than Mountains
    by Kestrels and Kites
    Higher Than Mountains Higher Than Mountains
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  5. "Alps"
    by Motorama
    Northern Seaside Northern Seaside
  6. Second Sound
    by Druckfarben
    An Answer Dreaming An Answer Dreaming
  7. Noughts and Exes
    by noughts and exes
    Hearts Hearts
  8. Blue Day Dreaming
    by Hedgehog
    白日梦蓝 (Blue Daydreaming) 白日梦蓝 (Blue Daydreaming)
  9. jass/blues
    by Vince Maccarone's Los Variants
    Save My Soul Save My Soul
    This album fully represents the multi cultural vibe of Toronto. The song 'save my soul' is serious top shelf lyrically, musically, vocally, vibe wise...everything.
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  10. 腦內飛 Flying In My Brain
    by White Eyes One Half
    母親 Mother 母親 Mother
    been following this band for a few years now....they make very cool rock n roll and videos as well as this electro stuff
  11. Kiss Your Eyes
    by The White Eyes
    My Bloody Dream My Bloody Dream
    It is real rock n roll played by the kids