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  1. Serenity
    by Hoffman
    First Light First Light
  2. 80864 (DATA051)
    by GOTO80
    Arbetsmoralen Arbetsmoralen
  3. ReLive
    by SIDRIP
    Second Reality Second Reality
  4. Broken Man (Instrumental)
    by Psychosis
  5. Eight Cities
    by Omauha
    Antananarivo (Original Mix) Antananarivo (Original Mix)
  6. Whomi
    by Tipper
  7. The Munsta (AlphavibeZ Remix)
    by SCNDL
  8. From Zero To Hero
    by paniq
    Lovelorn Lovelorn
  9. Reawakening
    by TDK
    Erethism Erethism
  10. The Machinations of Dementia
    by Blotted Science
    Synaptic Plasticity Synaptic Plasticity
  11. Into The Trees
    by Zoe Keating
    Optimist Optimist
  12. A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY
    by A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY
    One Winged Angel (FINAL FANTASY VII) One Winged Angel (FINAL FANTASY VII)
  13. Gone - EP
    by Floex
    Gone feat. Never Sol Gone feat. Never Sol
  14. Antichamber
    by Siddhartha Barnhoorn
    Antichamber Suite I Antichamber Suite I
  15. PRSPCTLP004 - Sinister Souls 'Beat The Drum Hard'
    by PRSPCT Recordings
    Beat The Drum Hard Beat The Drum Hard
  16. Mythematica
    by Mythematica
    Vítám vás Vítám vás
    When looking for work by similar artists to those who did the music for Machinarium and Botanicula, web searches lead me to this album, which I bought as a gift for my spouse.
  17. Minecraft - Volume Alpha
    by C418
    Mice on Venus Mice on Venus
    This music is utterly strange . . . in an agreeable way.
  18. Neurons: Fire At Will
    by paniq
    The Manual (Album Version) The Manual (Album Version)
    It is well-nigh impossible to choose a favorite track on this album. Favorites in addition to The Manual include Life (The Little Song), Animagenry, Thoughtcrime, Contemplation, and Elektronische Musik (; I admit that I actively dislike the song Die Gewalt. What appeals to me in paniq's music is playfulness, an acute sensitivity to rhythm, and an ability to use simple components to build a song that is more than the sum of its parts.
  19. Mecholup
    by Floex
    Like Dvorak's work on Machinarium, this track exhibits a skillful combination of acoustic instruments and electronic sound sources, composed in a way that reflects an understanding of both past and present music and musical theory.
  20. Selected Works : Volume Three
    by Xerxes
    New York Blues New York Blues
    My favorite tracks on this album are Favorite Kind of Silence, Cell Progression, Danish Dynamite, and New York Blues. This is beautifully composed and produced, emotionally evocative music. I suppose it says something that the two longest, most complex tracks are my favorites. But New York Blues was a deceptively simple one which I became attached to almost immediately.
  21. Beyond Good and Evil
    by paniq
    Ultimate Downfall Ultimate Downfall

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