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  1. Collateral Damage
    by White Widows Pact
  2. Necroticism - Descanting the Insalubrious
    by Carcass
    Corporal Jigsore Quandary Corporal Jigsore Quandary
    With the band's heavily anticipated reunion album coming out this fall, now is the perfect time to revisit their 1991 masterpiece. There would be no modern death metal if not for this album, period.
  3. Algorithms
    by meek is murder
    Sundowners Sundowners
    Full confession: We're a little biased, because this was originally a MetalSucks release. But we'll tell you why we were so passionate about it in the first place: it is a wholly unique vision, a mixture of intense, anxiety-inducing grindcore and larger-than-life, bluesy wails. Doesn't hurt that Converge's Kurt Ballou produced it, either!
  4. Concrete Sustain
    Concrete Concrete
    Ever heard doom metal you can dance to? With their latest release, Batillus take a giant evolutionary leap forward, creating music that isn't just crushing -- it's also somehow FUN. Call it "doom n' roll."
  5. Buried Alone EP
    by Vanisher
    Martyr To The Flames Martyr To The Flames
    Making metal that's actually melodic and catchy is a dying art form; most bands that try to attempt such a sound end up creating music that sounds synthetic and generic. Not Vanisher. They're like the perfect amalgamation of Use Your Illusion-era Guns N' Roses, Black Album-era Metallica, Cowboys-era Pantera, and In Flames before In Flames started to suck. Awesome stuff.
  6. Scenes from Hell
    by Sigh
    The Summer Funeral The Summer Funeral
    This Japanese outfit has always had a well-earned reputation for being weird, even by metal standards, which is, perhaps, the most metal thing of all. Scenes from Hell reaffirms their stature as a band with no rules, combining vicious black metal, thick funeral dirge, spaghetti western theatricality, and righteous rock n' roll into one amazing package.
  7. Board Up the House
    by Genghis Tron
    Board Up The House Board Up The House
    This end up being the trailblazing electrogrind's final album, and maybe it's just as well -- they certainly went out on a high note, and left a sea of imitators behind.
  8. Stream Inwards
    by Mar de Grises
    Starmaker Starmaker
    Hypnotic, cinematic, haunting melodoom from Chile. It's somehow invigorating AND depressing.
  9. Swarth
    by PORTAL
    Swarth Swarth
    Once upon a time, the parents of the future members of Portal told their kids "Turn off that racket! It's not even music -- it's just noise!" And the members of Portal decided to have the last laugh: "Oh, you want noise? We'll show you noise." Pushes the very boundaries of what music can be to create a soundtrack to your most unsettling nightmares.
  10. Magrudergrind
    by Magrudergrind
    Heretics Heretics
    That the album cover's schizophrenic collage calls to mind Napalm Death's Scum isn't a coincidence. Politically motivated, powered by relentless blast beats and razor sharp guitars, Magrudergrind's most-extreme form of punk could easily make them the heirs to Napalm Death's throne.
  11. To Clasp A Fallen Wish with Broken Fingers [PTA004]
    Handprints on Glass Handprints on Glass
    Heartbreak distilled into its most raw form, at once beautiful and ugly, intimate and epic, poetic and neanderthal.
  12. Extinction of Trust
    by POOR
    Flip the Scripture Flip the Scripture
  13. Tyranny Of Decay
    by Defeatist