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  1. False Peace
    by Aseitas
  2. Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX
    by Septicflesh
    Septicflesh have always given me a continuous source of calmness. Days would be a little less bright if I didn’t have them around.
  3. Accept Your Fate
  4. The Plot Sickens
    by Coltcrusher
  5. Into The Qliphoth
    by Myronath
  6. Reflections Upon Darkness
    by Rannoch
    by SHODAN
  8. The Coven
    by Torchia
  9. Dog Album
    by Big Chef
    This album is batshit crazy! I love it.
  10. A Patient Man
    by Cult Leader
  11. Thrash Destruction
    by My Funeral
  12. Violence Academy
    by My Funeral
  13. Carnal Obduction
    by My Funeral
  14. The Annex of Ire
    by Neck of the Woods
  15. The World that Was
    by Temple Of Void
  16. Ravenous Eyes in the Distance
    by Temple Of Void
  17. Harvest of Flesh
    by Temple Of Void
  18. 4 Doors to Death II
    by Temple Of Void
  19. Ancient Incantations Of Xarbos
    by Cell
  20. Dialectic
    by Krepitus