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  1. Novallo II
    by Novallo
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    Betty Phage Goes to Bronxton Betty Phage Goes to Bronxton
  2. Inmazes
    by VOLA
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    The Same War The Same War
  3. Life is Hard & Everything is Sad
    by Coronado
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    Rediscover Rediscover
  4. In Two (A)
    by Peculate
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    An Ontology of Convenience An Ontology of Convenience
  5. Scars Remind Me
    by KRYN
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    And There The Scars Remain And There The Scars Remain
  6. Chordata II
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    (10) Jugis (10) Jugis
    There are many things I enjoy about Dynahead. For one, when they are brutal, they are brain crushingly so. When they are melodic and pretty, it's absolutely breathtaking. I've heard plenty of metal use the hard/soft dynamic, but not so many that do the various parts as well, or combine it all so seamlessly. There is also the great variety to consider. Finally, the way they take a core riff, lick, or melody, and continually evolve it through a variety of tones/feelings/styles.
  7. Everything Beautiful
    by Akeldama
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    Everything Beautiful (feat: Ashe O'Hara and Per Nilsson) Everything Beautiful (feat: Ashe O'Hara and Per Nilsson)
    There is plenty of headbanging brutality here, offset with beautiful melodic parts. What sets this band's sound apart from others who employ that formula, are the deep melodic hooks they create. Excellent stuff.
  8. Kindly Bent to Free Us
    by Cynic
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    The Lions Roar The Lions Roar
    Cynic will grab hold of you on multiple levels to make you listen. If it isn't the stompable, machine gun riffs that open into vast ambient spaces...then the vocal melodies, and poetic lyrics will. No other band has the ability to engage my mind, body, and spirit when I listen like Cynic does. Their sound is unique, multilayered, and amazing.
  9. Arid Landscape
    by Dorthal
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    Blazing Badlands Blazing Badlands
  10. R A D I A T E
    by Symmetry of Sixes
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    Aetherial Aetherial
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