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  1. Feral Mass
    by Lucifxion
  2. 2020 Demo
    by Spirit Possession
  3. Hearken to the Moon Whisper
    by Wallachian Cobwebs
  4. Digital World Order
    by Andromida
  5. enjoii - kate
    by enjoii
  6. Ov Lustra
    by Ov Lustra
  7. Tempestas
    by Ov Lustra
  8. Red Banner
  10. Eternal Daughter
    by KANGA
    Run Run
    Unbelievable follow up to her incredible debut. My top EP of the year easily.
  11. Legends Of Sorrow
    by Neirimous Alloth Kuyll
  12. Superior Firepower
    by Tyrant Of Death
  13. Insidious Refocused
    by amnestic
    Insidious Refocused Insidious Refocused
    Absolutely amazing track. One of my favorites from everything Amnestic has released.
  14. Macrocosmic Lunacy
    by Tyrant Of Death
  15. Generation Bliss
    by Tyrant Of Death
  16. Digital Injection
    by Tyrant Of Death
  17. The Forthcoming
    by Tyrant Of Death
  18. Nuclear Nanosecond
    by Tyrant Of Death
  19. Blood Lust
    by Tyrant Of Death
  20. Cyanide
    by Tyrant Of Death