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  1. Unholy Infestation
    by Plague Years
  2. Quantum Resolution
    by Kekal
  3. The Path to the Deathless
    by Red Mesa
  4. Dark Horse
    by LUNA13
  5. I Will Fucking Kill You
    by Citizen Rage
  6. SCRAPE Records "The Label" Sampler VOL II
    by SCRAPE Records
  7. Catacombs of Bedlam
    by Post Mortal Possession
  8. The Path to the Deathless
    by Red Mesa
  9. Dream Quest Ends
    by Smoulder
  10. The End
    by Summit
  11. 2020
    by Svavelh
    Gonna play this on my show for sure! Fucking epic!
  12. Sorrow EP
    by Cult Burial
    Sorrow Sorrow
    Utterly crushing heavy!
  13. Dream Quest Ends
    by Smoulder
    Pure fucking epic, cant wait to hear the rest of this! - Zach Moonshine
  14. When The Wolves Start To Circle
    by Blissful Stream
  15. I Got A Right
    by The Flesh Hammers
    appears in 1 other collection
  16. Second Sight
    by Clouds Taste Satanic
  17. Ruminant
    by Lapsarian
  18. Interstellar Voodoo
    by Saint Karloff
    One track of total doom! The title of this track tells you everything you need to know! Thanks to Doomcharts for hooking me up with this!
  19. Plague Weaver EP
    by PlagueWeaver
  20. Rebirth by Blasphemy
    Metal Devastation Radio Fucking Approves Of This!!!!!! 666