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  1. Ex Rosa Ceremonia
    by Pulchra Morte
  2. Telluric Dismemberment
    by Void Rot
  3. Gosudar/Malignant Altar Split
    by Rotted Life
  4. Overtaker
    by Hammers Of Misfortune
    by Ordovician Records
  6. Sparrows EP
    by Sparrows
  7. Mark of the Beast: Extinction
    by Sparrows
    by Torment
  9. Prelude to Obscurity
    by Embalm
  10. A Mother's Curse
    by Strychnos
  11. The Sorrow of Soul Through Flesh
    by Suppression
  12. Radiance
    by Thundering Hooves
  13. Ilusi Soliteris
    by Rottenblast
  14. Insurmountable Peril
    by Slimelord
  15. Banquet of Scum
    by Pukewraith
  16. Upheaval of Infectious Mass
    by Phthisis
  17. The Grotesquery Ruins of Death
    by Convulsive
  18. An Anatomy of The Beast
    by Intestine Baalism
  19. Spawned From The Mortuary
    by Mortuary Spawn
  20. Gloomlord
    by Worm