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  1. Doom Engine (CSR284LP)
    by Mothra
  2. Death Ceremonies (CSR283LP)
    by Controlled Death / Rudolf
  3. Protosapien
    by JUPITERIAN (Brazil)
  4. remnants
    by ROSK
  5. Lost In Blue (CSR266CD/LP)
    by Anni Hogan
  6. IV
  7. Null Apostle
    by Bridge Burner
  8. kOsmik
    by Violet Cold
  9. Ageless Fire
    by VANUM
  10. Svartmyrkr (CSR257CD/LP)
    by MZ.412
  11. The Woods
    by A Swarm of the Sun
  12. And All Will Be Desolation
    by Allfather
  13. Fringe (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal)
    by LURK (Finland)
  14. Unsettling Whispers (Black Metal)
    by GAEREA (Portugal)
  15. Ulvens Broder (CSR248EP)
    by MZ.412
  16. Cosmogenesis
    by Obscura
  17. Our Raw Heart
    by YOB
  18. Hug Division Dead Wretch
    by Dead Wretch
  19. Exile Amongst the Ruins
    by Primordial
  20. In Death...We Speak
    by Austerymn