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  1. ALLIES VOL. I - For Ale, For Albion, For Richard
    by Cruz del Sur Music
  2. Crimson Harvest
    by Moontowers
  3. The Poisoner
    by White Crone
  4. Keepers Of The Flame
    by Greyhawk
  5. Consequence of Time
    by Pale Divine
  6. Stygian Crown
    by Stygian Crown
  7. Dark Quarterer
    by Dark Quarterer
  8. Ornament of Proposition
    by Zatyr
  9. Summerland (Luxus)
    by Dool
  10. Termination Shock
    by Traveler
  11. Subterranean Exile
    by The Wizar'd
  12. Opulent Decay
    by SPELL
  13. Danse De Noir
    by Lord Vigo
  14. King of the Dead
    by Cirith Ungol
  15. Witch's Game
    by Cirith Ungol
  16. III
    by Dexter Ward
  17. II
    by Death The Leveller
  18. Rendezvous With Destiny
    by Dexter Ward
  19. Dream Quest Ends
    by Smoulder
  20. Ancient Tome of Arcane Knowledge
    by The Wizar'd