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Felix Montfort

  1. Götzis, Austria
  2. Electronic
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  1. X-Theory (Best Of 2005-2020)
    by Xerxes The Dark
    Xtraterrestrial (Remastered) Xtraterrestrial (Remastered)
    15 years of groundbreaking experimental art from an unexpected corner of the world. Music has no borders.
  2. Elantra/Stock System
    by S.C.
    California Style California Style
    Wonderful mix of sounds. Some are familiar to what I heard from the artist and some are pretty new. All in all, very good production.
  3. It’s Not Over Till You’re Under//Ground [TRNR008]
    by BYDL
    Descend Descend
    Wonderful debut with well produced gems.
  4. The Pneumatic Guru Recalibrations: Volume 2
    by Hypercube
  5. The Pneumatic Guru Recalibrations: Volume 1
    by Hypercube
  6. Something something
    by Dangerous Beat
  7. Cosmic Swirly Thang (BBR: Pitch Collection #24)
  8. Healing
    by Ayver
    by BU.D.D.A.
  10. Irgendwann
    by The Bassenger
  11. DJ Quoth Vs. Senex, COD - E, Mental Escape Pod, Oni Pelted By Beans, Dabit Vocem Austria
    by Dj Quoth Vs. Felix Montfort
  12. Enclave I.
    by Camecrude
  13. On Opposites
    by Darren McClure
    Strange Slip In Time Strange Slip In Time
    Perfectly made album. One of a few i can listen again and again. No wonder, anyone I shared with liked it.
  14. Elevator Songs
    by The Mountain King
  15. DIM (Reissue)
    by Xerxes The Dark
  16. Agony | Hophek
    by Coma.
    Loslassen Loslassen
  17. Land Of The Inner Self - Live At Beatkeller Schiltern
    by //mKnoise
    Abschied Abschied
    Wonderful live recording. I just can imagine how it felt for the audience at that evening. Great work by this Austrian fella!
  18. Couch To Couch (feat. Drondron)
    by B.o.O.m.
    CTC03 CTC03
  19. Fruit Salad (Passion Fruits Remixes)
    by Walter Fini
  20. Dimensional Collapse
    by Hypercube, Pharmakustik
    Parabolic (Original Mix) Parabolic (Original Mix)
    Hypercube is one of my favorite artists. His glitchy sounds are perfect entertainment. Check out his live in Milan recording!