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Ross Watson

  1. Glasgow, UK
  2. Metal
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  1. Slow Burn
    by Girls Who Care
  2. Out Here
    by Girls Who Care
  3. RVIII: Invocation
    by Wachs & Clarke
    RVIII: Invocation RVIII: Invocation
  4. Our Values Are Under Attack
    by Tim Heidecker
  5. Automaton EP
    by Kapil Seshasayee
    An Automaton An Automaton
  6. Crimes EP
    by Kapil Seshasayee
    Whatever Was Arranged Whatever Was Arranged
  7. Hammer Of Night
    by Yellow Eyes
    Light Has Fallen Light Has Fallen
  8. Black Wing
    by Black Wing
  9. Creation Myths EP
    by In Wrecks
    Words Words
  10. Duchess / Veiled EP
    by jesu
    Duchess Duchess
  11. remembering the fireballs (part 8)
    by Lync
    pigeons pigeons
  12. Hinterkaifeck
    by Giles Corey
    Winter's House Winter's House
  13. Faith
    by No Salvation
    True Destroyer True Destroyer
  14. Absinthe Invocation: Five Spells Against God
    by Woe
    Hunter Unholy Hunter Unholy
    The most simplistic Woe release; this is misanthropic, hateful music. Only a taste of what was to come.
  15. A Spell for the Death of Man
    by Woe
    Solitude Solitude
    Woe seamlessly merge their influences (thrash, black metal, extreme metal), making for some really menacing, thrilling music.
  16. False Monuments
    by Hunt / Gather
    B/W Gush B/W Gush
    Noisy, chaotic, emotionally charged local hardcore with a keen ear for melody.
  17. Jesu (Picture Disc Mix - Unreleased Original Vision)
    by Jesu
    Friends Are Evil Friends Are Evil
    Every Jesu release is different yet familiar. This is an alternative mix of the first full-length LP, and one of three versions overall. It's much rougher-sounding than the released version. Like viewing a classic through a different lens.
  18. Camping
    by The Dogs
    A Decent Warning A Decent Warning
    Extremely accomplished-sounding indie rock/pop. Much more passion-filled than your average Pitchfork-core band.
  19. EP
    by British Theatre
    ID Parade On Ice ID Parade On Ice
    A promising start from this post-Oceansize project. More stripped-down sounding, but still pretty and grand.
  20. These Are Not Fall Colors
    by Lync
    B B
    This was recommended to me by a friend. Dishord-indebted alternative rock. Pissed off, but catchy and probably accessible to fans of softer rock music.
  21. Raise Ravens
    by The John Knox Sex Club
    Kiss the dirt Kiss the dirt
    Mysterious, almost rustic-sounding indie rock with folk leanings. Very poetic and lyrical.
  22. Former Rust EP
    by Hunt / Gather
    Mort le Blanc Mort le Blanc
    Excellent opening statement from one of my favourite local bands. Full of energy, anger and weariness.
  23. Ghosts, and Other Things
    by Sleeping Peonies
    Anomie Anomie
    Odd, shoegaze-fuelled, home-recorded metal with distinctive vocals. Very dreamy and ambient at the same time as being wretched and heavy.
  24. Planning For Burial/Lonesummer Split
    by Planning For Burial/Lonesummer
    Sleeping In Separate Rooms Sleeping In Separate Rooms
    Slow, plodding, gloomy slowcore on one side and raw, totally unpolished temper tantrum black metal on the other. Strange pairing, but it works. A second split is on the way.
  25. Untitled
    by Planning For Burial
    I Hope You'll Pick Me Out I Hope You'll Pick Me Out
    Showcases both the heavy and ambient side of Planning for Burial. A very short and to-the-point release designed for the 7" format, but released on CD and digital instead.
  26. demo
    by deafheaven
    Libertine Dissolves Libertine Dissolves
    The opening statement from one of the best U.S. black metal bands. The material here isn't as open to genre-mixing as what came afterwards, but it's extremely solid, emotionally-wrought metal.
  27. All Delighted People EP
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Heirloom Heirloom
    Typically ambitious "EP" from one of the most talented singer-songwriters working today. Expect extremely lengthy songs and huge, orchestral arrangements.