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  1. Doug & Jo - Ethnesys
    by Doug And Jo Woods
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Blue Hour
    by Ruby Haunt
  3. Hyperbeast EP
    by The Phantom Division
  4. III
    by FVRFVR
  5. Infrarouge
    by Minuit Machine
  6. Starship
    by Magic & Steel
  7. Into the Black
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  8. Teenage Crimes (LP)
    by Slvmber
  9. Miami Nights feat. Sara Jonas
    by Jay Vintage
    by 26Hate
  11. Mustache you a Question
    by JAde Wii
  12. Fantasy As You Like It
    by Robots Against Children
    Lift Lift
    Such a unique style and so many wonderful textures, it's hard to not like.
  13. Obscura EP
    by Robots Against Children
    Last September Last September
    What's better than owning music that has such a unique blend of styles and textures? Owning it on cassette! This EP takes you on multiple stylistic and atmospheric journeys that form a very solid offering from RAC.
  14. By My Side
    by Empathy Test
  15. Lovesick
    by CELLARS
    A Little Bit Less A Little Bit Less
    I love this album so much that I bought both the digital version, and luckily one of the 20 remaining CDs. I sincerely hope Cellars continues to release new material; everything she’s released so far has been pretty remarkable.
  16. Nevada
    by Ruby Haunt
    Destroyer Destroyer
    Everything Ruby Haunt releases is phenomenal; this is no exception.
  17. THE VOID
    by Sidewalks and Skeletons
    Sidewalks and Skeletons' music transports you into another dimension. It's dark, ambient, and beautiful. Your surroundings will melt away with ease.
  18. Edge of the World
    by The Sweetest Condition
  19. We Defy Oblivion
    by The Sweetest Condition
  20. Knock Us Down
    by The Sweetest Condition
  21. Truth and Light
    by The Sweetest Condition
  22. Arcade Summer
    by Arcade Summer
  23. 1987
    by Lucy in Disguise
  24. 004
    by Lucy In Disguise
    by Deep Sea Diver
  26. Unbound
    by Cathedrals
  27. SUGAR
    by Ruby Haunt
    Royal Moon Royal Moon
  28. Crush
    by Ruby Haunt
  29. Hurt
    by Ruby Haunt
    Video Dreams Video Dreams
    Beautiful, soothing music. Lush synth sounds... This band has got it.
  30. Lovesick
    by CELLARS
  31. Endless Echoes
    by Lucy In Disguise
  32. Fly EP
    by Westvale
  33. Lydia
    by Left Hand of God
    Lydia Lydia
    It's refreshing to hear the setup Todd has being used for something other than strictly House or Techno. His music is ambient, at times glitchy, and always evolving from one minute to the next. The way he performs and writes music allows the character of each of his synthesizers to shine. Look him up on YouTube to see him in action.
  34. Removed From Fiction - Demo (Free Download)
    by Fragile Tom
  35. Kingdom of Mistrust
    by Fragile Tom
    Dancing on the Battlements Dancing on the Battlements
    This album contains some of the most beautiful sounds I have heard out of electronic music. Fragile Tom's style and sound based on 80's New Wave and Synth Pop goes unmatched in today's music. The latter part of the album has this dark, depressing beauty that recalls "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" by Cutting Crew. In short this album is stunning.
  36. Basement (Free Download)
    by Fragile Tom
  37. The Particular Go
    by Fragile Tom
    Bleak November Sun Bleak November Sun
    This band has as authentic of an 80's sound as you will find today. So much so, that they could have stepped out of a time machine from the 1980's. The New Wave/Synth Pop sound doesn't get any better than this band without having actually been a band of that era. I put Bleak November Sun as my favorite track, but in all actuality it's a tie between Elbows, Naked Bone, and that.