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  1. Discovery EP
    by AK
  2. The Call of the Void
    by Cracked Machine
  3. Tower
    by Irata
  4. Ghosts of the South
    by Dog Chasing Sun
  5. Zorya
    by SUNNATA
  6. Outlands
    by SUNNATA
  7. Acrophilia
    by Uluru
  8. Wanderers
    by SOJUS3000
  9. TALOS
    by Automaton
  10. Suspended in Reflections
    by Ancestors
  11. Armada
    by Sandrider
  12. Super Hexagon EP
    by Chipzel
  13. Clandestine EP
    by Dog Chasing Sun
  14. Wolftooth
    by Wolftooth
  15. Slow Burn
    by Dog Chasing Sun
  16. The Sun
    by Somali Yacht Club
  17. Tales of The Wizard - EP
    by Kurse
  18. Climbing the colossus (original master)
    by SUNNATA
  19. Spirit
    by Mother Desert
  20. A Thousand Nights
    by Ballsdeep
  21. Reflections of a Floating World
    by Elder
  22. Into Your Mind
    by Freedom Hawk
    by dead pirates
  24. Malevolent Melody EP
    by dead pirates
  25. MC / Acoustic as FUCK
    by dead pirates
  26. FAT
    by dead pirates
    by dead pirates
  28. Marrow Of Sound
    by The Bad Light
  29. Edgar the Atheling
    by Wiht
  30. Buffalo Witch Vol. 2
    by Buffalo Witch
  31. Sugar Coated Bitter Truth (with Bonus Tracks)
    by Slaves
  32. The Schwab Family Saga EP
    by Schwab