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Benn Naylor

  1. Melbourne, Australia
  2. Rock
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  1. One Of Us
    by Cash Savage and The Last Drinks
    Falling, Landing Falling, Landing
  2. Freaks of Nurture
    by HOLY WAVE
    Western Playland Western Playland
  3. Deeper
    by The Soft Moon
    Far Far
    Imagine if you could capture the transition from Joy Division to New Order, this is what it would sound like.
  4. RR7349
    by S U R V I V E
    A.H.B. A.H.B.
  5. Colorize
    by Pretty City
    Melt Melt
  6. Epoch
    by Tycho
    Epoch Epoch
    Another sublime instrumental journey of emotive electronic post-rock. Epoch will always signify the beginning on the horizon.
  7. King
    by Mike Noga
    All My Friends are Alcoholics All My Friends are Alcoholics
  8. Syncope
    by Port St. Willow
    Ordinary Pleasure Ordinary Pleasure
  9. Still Life
    by Young Magic
    Lucien Lucien
  10. Happy Songs For Happy Zombies
    by Pinkshinyultrablast
    Blaster Blaster
  11. OMED
    by Mt. Mountain
    At Deaths Door At Deaths Door
  12. Cosmos Terros
    by Mt. Mountain
    Freida Freida
  13. EP
    by Mt. Mountain
    She Runs She Runs
  14. Is the Is Are
    by DIIV
    Under the Sun Under the Sun
  15. Land Of Pleasure
    by Sticky Fingers
    Just For You Just For You
  16. Dipz Zebazios
    by The Delta Riggs
    It's Over It's Over
  17. Tales
    by The Peep Tempel
    Carol Carol
  18. Voyages EP
    by Thrupence
    Synchronous Bloom Synchronous Bloom
  19. Minor Light
    by Fourteen Nights At Sea
    Teeth Marks Teeth Marks
  20. Gemini
    by The New Division
    Golden Winter Child Golden Winter Child
    Sounding as if it is inspired by the power of the 1980's, this album has a glossy dance sound accentuated with bassier rock undertones and lyrically contains a darker pop sensibility,
  21. v2.0
    by GoGo Penguin
    Garden Dog Barbecue Garden Dog Barbecue
  22. High
    by Royal Headache
    Carolina Carolina
  23. Wonderer
    by Sunbeam Sound Machine
    Wandering, I Wandering, I
  24. Depression Cherry
    by Beach House
    Sparks Sparks
  25. Shadow of the Sun
    by Moon Duo
    Animal Animal
  26. Awake
    by House of Laurence
    Devil's Walk Devil's Walk
    Smashing psych-rock guitars with basic blues beats works well on record & on stage for these blokes. Can't wait for more.
  27. House of Laurence EP
    by House of Laurence
    Squeeze Lightly Squeeze Lightly
    Highly listenable & on high rotation. Not even their best release.
  28. Song Spells, No. 1: Cedarsmoke
    by Sea Wolf
    Visions Visions
    An intimate acoustic styled imagining of a simple, tea-sipping life, that is sweet and warm and entices visions of summer escapes on the beach, but is far more aligned to restful slumber by open fires in the woods.
  29. sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit
    by courtney barnett
    Depreston Depreston
    The perplexity in the rhyming literation & spoken word delivery I knew of Courtney always had me off side until the hype surrounding this impending release enticed me to discover what the fuss was all about. And I am glad it did. Despite thinking it is all still a fad, this is melodically enjoyable and thoroughly illustrative, with a wonderful Melbourne flavour.
  30. Jane's Lament
    by Au.Ra
    Pyramid Pyramid
    The perfect blend of psych synth rock that transgresses emotion but never tires.
  31. The North Borders
    by Bonobo
    Cirrus Cirrus
  32. Awake
    by Tycho
    Dye Dye
    There are not enough superlatives to encapsulate this album. Instant love becomes eternal.
  33. Lowtide LP
    by Lowtide
    Blue Movie Blue Movie
  34. Love of Cartography
    by sleepmakeswaves
    Something Like Avalanches Something Like Avalanches
    A tremendous contradiction of melodically driven high-energy post-rock polished with electronic embellishments.
  35. Suddenly, at the Priory
    by Priory Dolls
    Get your dark wizard on Get your dark wizard on
    Having come across these guys by chance at Pony, Little Collins St., I searched far and wide for who I thought the sound tech told me was The Primary Dolls. It took a while but I got hold of a truly offbeat garage release that glimmers like diamonds strewn across black tar.