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  1. Secret Earth
    by Voyage Futur
  2. Inner Sphere
    by Voyage Futur
  3. Something New
    by Cool Maritime
  4. Lamaze
    by Geneva Jacuzzi
  5. Pick A Day To Die
    by Sunburned Hand of the Man
  6. Self Discovery For Social Survival
    by Mexican Summer
  7. Moss King
    by Omni Gardens
  8. Delatite Odyssey (OTIS008)
    by Cactus Head
  9. Long Lost Solace Find
    by Mike Polizze
  10. Symphonie Pacifique
    by Greg Foat
  11. River Without Banks
    by Leo Svirsky
  12. Felis Catus and Silence
    by Leo Takami
    by Arp
  14. Jazzbois Goes Blunt
    by Jazzbois
  15. Building a Better World
    by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者
  16. Hermes
    by PJS
  17. From Particles
    by Brian James Griffith
  18. For Being
    by Channelers
  19. They are Cloaked in Stars and Rivers
    by Channelers
  20. “Disco!”
    by MIKE