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  1. 10 Years Of Crossbreed Culture
    by Nekrolog1k Recordings
  2. Rawsome
    by Moleculez & Mental Wreckage
  3. Corrode
    by Void Settler
  4. This Breaks My Fucking Heart EP (PRSPCTXTRM052)
    by Adamant Scream
  5. This World
    by Ophidian & Penta
  6. Crush Them
    by N-Vitral & Dither
    This track is weird. In some way I almost like the break more than the drops. Neat little trick they pulled here.
  7. The Missing Symp.toms (Part One)
    by Mental Wreckage
  8. Mindwalker - Audible Coordinates
    by Traumatic
  9. Sacerdos Vigilia - Lurid Lullabies
    by Traumatic
    Red Led Redemption Red Led Redemption
    This f*cking album.
  10. Desolation - Lunatic
    by Traumatic
  11. CRPTC - Distorted Frontier
    by Traumatic
    Shelter Shelter
    Very Distorted. Much Wow.
  12. The Opposites / More Primitive (One Seven Five #017)
    by The Outside Agency
  13. The Legacy of Cain / I Saw My Grave (One Seven Five #016)
    by The Outside Agency
  14. Following Signals
    by Stan Grewzell
  15. Facing The Enemy
    by 100 Kilo Maarten
  16. Daring Expedition
    by Stan Grewzell
  17. The Whole Universe Surrenders
    by Cubic Nomad
  18. The Second Room
    by Wavolizer
  19. Messenger E.P.
    by Ophidian
  20. Keyboard Warrior
    by Dither