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  2. Electronic
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  1. Deserted
    by Gatecreeper
  2. Loyal To The Soil
    by Wolf King
  3. Pyre: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  4. Bastion: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  5. Transistor: Original Soundtrack
    by Darren Korb
  6. Conduit
    by King Goat
  7. Sigils
    by Vulta
  8. Belfry
    by Messa
  9. Non Paradisi
    by GosT
  10. Fear and Fury
    by Pallbearer
  11. Abyss
  12. Värähtelijä
    by Oranssi Pazuzu
  13. Enthrall To The Void Of Bliss
    by Ævangelist
  14. Oath of Elucidation
    by Nightkin
  15. Dangerous Days
  16. 28 Days With The OP-1
    by Professor Kliq
  17. Behemoth
    by GosT
  18. Crypt of the Necrodancer OST
    by Danny Baranowsky
  19. The Scientific Method, Vol. III
    by Professor Kliq
  20. Meraki
    by opiuo
  21. SUPER GAME JAM SoundTrack
    by doseone & Kozilek
  22. Svartir Sandar
    by Sólstafir
  23. UltraMantis Black s/t
    by UltraMantis Black
  24. Deep Heads Dubstep Vol.1
    by Various
  25. Kinetik
    by Phutureprimitive
  26. Peace In Space
    by MIDI Myers
    by Jukio Kallio
  28. Something That You Feel Will Find Its Own Form
    by Dumbsaint
  29. Quixotic
    by M.O.O.N.
  30. Charlie Murder: Original Soundtrack
    by Ska Studios
  31. After The Fall / TXNO
    by Kozilek
  32. Curriculum Vitae
    by Professor Kliq
  33. In Bloom
    by Dpat
  34. Wire and Flashing Lights
    by Professor Kliq
  35. Pluto EP
    by Kozilek
    by M.O.O.N.
  37. Nightcall EP
    by Kavinsky
  38. 1986 EP
    by Kavinsky
  39. Musikk Per Automatikk
    by Elliott Berlin - Telemark
  40. Hotline Miami: The Takedown
    by SCATTLE
  41. Hotline Miami EP
    by Jasper Byrne
  42. Particles EP
    by M.O.O.N.
  43. MOON EP
    by M.O.O.N.
  44. Disclosure
    by The Gathering
  45. I Think We Need Helicopters
    by Gals Panic