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  1. Magic Oneohtrix Point Never
    by Oneohtrix Point Never
    Long Road Home Long Road Home
    Really loving this return to form. The hexagons in the art, the subtle nod to his first tape as opn in the title, the mixture of his old sound with new, this is shaping up to be his seminal record and I'm VERY much looking forward to hearing the whole thing!!
    by The Phantom's Revenge
    Jean Safari Jean Safari
    6 of Phantom's all-time best trax all on one 12". What more is there to say?
  3. Pay 4 My Kiss
    by Hot Dad
    This was stuck in my head for a month straight. Thank you Hot Dad!
  4. Singles Vol. 1
    by nelward
  5. Singles Vol. 2
    by nelward
  6. Techno For Women / Bisexual Techno
    by B.G.S.
  7. Rural Ghetto
    by Nondi_
  8. Telnet Complete
    by Vektroid
  9. neotropic
    by sv1
  10. flora
    by sv1
  11. limbo
    by sv1
  12. field study
    by sv1
  13. star bright fangs
    by Ivy Hollivana
  14. GHOST1
  15. 🟀🟀🟀
  16. Shader Complete
    by Sacred Tapestry
    ドリーミー ドリーミー
    One of my favorite albums of all time. I found an earlier copy of this in 2014 and since then it has been one of my go-to chillout albums for coming down from panic attacks or after a much-needed cry. This still is very important to me and I'm glad I can finally own a legit copy of it.
  17. None
    by gupi
    Modest Modest
  18. 1997
    by L'Étranger
    Mersey Mersey Me Mersey Mersey Me
    One of my favorites from 2012, I have very good memories of playing this on repeat in my room in highschool when I got home from the day. Sitting at my computer desk and feeling the sun from the window on my skin. Thank you, L'Étranger
  19. MSC DTH
    by Paul Hares
  20. ACAB EP
    by XLAX
    45 45