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  1. These People Are Idiots
    by dan le sac
  2. Roah OST
    by Ashton Morris
    Deepest Depths Deepest Depths
    Ashton Morris' soundtrack for Roah is, simply put, absolutely phenomenal. It is chock-full of thoughtfully composed, perfectly themed tracks, mixed in with some absolute bangers that can easily keep up with my favourite video game soundtracks.
    Thank you, Ashton Morris, and congratulations on creating such an incredible piece of art.
    I highly recommend this one not only to players of the game, but to fans of chiptune influenced electronic music in general.
  3. Promise of a New Life
    by dan le sac
  4. UNDERTALE Soundtrack
    by toby fox
    Spider Dance Spider Dance
  5. Celeste - Madeline's Grab Bag
    by Lena Raine
    Old Site (8-Bit) Old Site (8-Bit)
  6. 63 Days
    by dan le sac
    Closer Closer
    Damn, is this album good. And to think it has been done in under 63 days! To me personally its versatility and originality push it even past the almost legendary „Cherished, Overthrown“ to become my new favorite Dan Le Sac album. I feel like some great inspiration went into writing this, and perhaps not having the time to overthink things was exactly what this specific album needed. Congratulations for a challenge won and the release of a stunningly good album.
  7. Celeste Original Soundtrack
    by Lena Raine
    Resurrections Resurrections
    I have to admit that this soundtrack has touched me so deeply it made me teary-eyed. And that without even knowing the game. It's just that good. Its composition and atmosphere are borderline-insane levels of genius. Absolutely fantastic work by Lena Raine.
  8. Quarantine Circular
    by dan le sac
    Quarantine Quarantine
    Just as its predecessor, Subsurface Circular, this is a wonderful composition of deep and thoughtful electronic beats that give off an alluring cyberpunk-like vibe. To me this one sounds a little less dark than the predecessor, but it is just as addicting. I know I'll be thoroughly enjoying this album with several re-listenings for years and years to come.
  9. Subsurface Circular
    by dan le sac
    Eliza Eliza
    A dark, deep and thoughtful blend of cyberpunk-esque synth goodness. This is the perfect music for all your neon dreams.
  10. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero OST
    by Jake Kaufman
    Scuttle Town Scuttle Town