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  1. Observer
    by Human Factor
  2. Trajectories
    by Jari Lindholm
    The Underpass The Underpass
    If you like what Jari did with Enshine and Seas of Years, don't think, just buy this. In fact, buy this in any case.
  3. Ephemeral
    by Kafziel
    Ephemeral Ephemeral
    Vast, melodic, atmospheric, dramatic, what else could I ask from an instrumental like this?
  4. Metempsychosis
    by hubris.
    Adonis Adonis
  5. The Gospel Of Nil
  6. Northern Steel Remastered (CD's available)
    by Antti Martikainen
    Taivaantuli (Remastered) Taivaantuli (Remastered)
    My only complaint about this album was the merciless mastering. Immense regards for restoring the full frequency range for this magnificent and now indeed epic record.
  7. Ultra City
    by Andy James
    THANK YOU Andy for uploading the last piece of the bonus CD.
  8. The Watcher
    by Andy James
    This is absolutely amazing, I hope to hear the new album with this kind of mood.
  9. Dual
    by Andy James
  10. Hardrive
    by Andy James
    Ultra melodic guitar playing of the best kind. Even better than most of Arrival tracks.
  11. Wave of Synergy
    by Angel Vivaldi & Andy James
  12. Ender
    by Redwood Hill
  13. Sleep at the Edge of the Earth
    by Wilderun
    The Means to Preserve The Means to Preserve
  14. Veil of Imagination
    by Wilderun
    Far from Where Dreams Unfurl Far from Where Dreams Unfurl
    I cannot say I'm in awe like the rest of the listeners but I definitely see why this incredibly well-done album made such an impact. It sounds like one big theatrical play with all the roles meticulous planned. And one more thing, that Far from Where Dreams Unfurl piece is simply euphoric.
  15. The Body Cosmic
    by Iapetus
    Hadean Heart Hadean Heart
    Incredible album out of nowhere, two practically noname guys from Long Island create an immense 70 minutes journey of prog/melodic death/black metal with a storm of blastbeasts, cascades of top-level melodies, vast and delicate acoustic passages, on point female vocals and whatnot. What's more important, not often one encounters the ability to create actual 10+min compositions instead of the more usual stitched together cadavers. This is one of those cases. And I forgot: H A D E A N H E A R T.
  16. Amasia
    by The Outsider
    Grand Adria Grand Adria
    Post-rock with folky 12-string acoustic guitar, now how cool is that?
  17. Elements
    by Kafziel
    Beta Beta
    Cosmic instrumental djent with tons of breathtaking lead guitar melodies. Intelligent, sophisticated, nuanced and simply awesome. Fans of Mechina, early Andromida, you don't wanna miss this.
  18. Hyeon
    by The Outsider
    Yearning Tides Yearning Tides
    Elegant, aetherial and melodic — that's all I ask from post-rock music
  19. Esoteric Oppression
    by The Moth Gatherer
    Motionless In Oceania Motionless In Oceania
    A journey through the murky waters with stars still shining far above.
  20. The Last Rain
    by Cân Bardd
    Clouds and Feuds Clouds and Feuds
    The dungeon synth flavor is still present here and there but this is a huge step forward compared to the debut. Hope for more to come and don't lose the inspiration!