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  1. Exabot
    by Waveshaper
  2. Towards the Spires of Dol Guldur
    by Mithrandir
  3. Archium Drive
    by Sung
    An Agonising Death An Agonising Death
    Darksynth, not for the faint of heart. I love the underlying story as it offers structure for the cataclysmic array of pictures in my head. Blasting beats, orchestral arrangements and rare moments to take a breath remind me a lot of old, uncompromised MASKED, which is an exceptionally good thing. I chose An Agonising Death as it greatly encapsulates the albums essence.
  5. EP I
    by Necromancer
  6. Book of the Dead
    by Necromancer
  7. Echoes of Eternity
    by Necromancer
  8. EP II
    by Necromancer
  9. vi
    by Necromancer
  10. EP III
    by Necromancer
  11. Best Of 2022
    by Various Artists
  12. Master Machine
    by Ectoplague
    Cyborg Gladiators Cyborg Gladiators
    Been a while since I loved an synthwave album that much. It's dark, punchy, relentless and yet full of catchy melodies. This is cyberpunk Darksynth done right with enough diversity in between songs without sounding overly complicated. The overall storytelling is just the icing on this very dark metal cake. If you're not moving your body whilst listening to Cyborg Gladiators or Master Machine you're either dead inside or a machine yourself.
  13. The Mission
    by Computerbandit, The Great Wight Dread
  14. No Tolerance for Imperfection
    by Man Must Die
    by Carpenter Brut
    by Jig-Ai
  17. Aeon Intergrade (LP)
    by Aeronexus
  18. Wintermute
    by Voidstare & Cyberthing!
  19. Dream/Decay
    by Void Stare
  20. Orbital Strike (Single)
    by GARDEON