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  1. Supertemporal
    by Nathan Moody
    God Foundry God Foundry
  2. Heptology
    by The Sonny Downs Quartet
  3. Golden Apples of the Sun
    by Suzanne Ciani & Jonathan Fitoussi
    Rainbow Sequence Rainbow Sequence
    I admit I tend to skip the first track, but I love the rest—cozy retro fun.
  4. Tone Science Module No.7 Cause and Effect (DiN:TS07)
    by Various
    Tempestarius Tempestarius
    Another fine entry into Boddy’s long-running survey. This is one of my favorites simply because so many of the tracks are up my alley.
  5. Tone Science Module No.8 Tone Science Live (DiN:TS08)
    by Various
    TSL Set 2 TSL Set 2
    I find most live modular sets tedious, but curator Ian Boddy can put together a 2.5 hour live record I’ll actually listen to and enjoy.
  6. Sounds of Wires
    by Dreams Of Wires
  7. AHM/OHB
    by Jesse Ray Lucas
  8. Tagwerk
    by Hainbach
    Gorgeous variety of recycled art, or rather, art produced from an upcycled synth; one of my favorite Hainbach records.
  9. Perceptions
  10. Now Is
    by Rival Consoles
    Frontiers Frontiers
    Top of his game.
  11. Buchlaworks: Module III
    by Beaunoise
  12. 4-Way Diablo
    by Monster Magnet
  13. Monolithic Baby!
    by Monster Magnet
  14. Suffer
    by Kathryn Allyn
  15. Two voices
    by tomorrow the cure
    Not moving on Not moving on
    More glorious vintage circuit-celebrating compositions with soul from Wayne Taylor
  16. Invisible Cities
    by A Winged Victory for the Sullen
    There Is One Of Which You Never Speak There Is One Of Which You Never Speak
    Huge yet intimate, gorgeous
  17. Tone Science Module No.6 Protons and Neutrons (DiN:TS06)
    by Various
  18. Breakin' Is A Memory
    by Tony Rolando
    Breakin' Is A Memory (FULL) Breakin' Is A Memory (FULL)
    Fresh and unexpected arrangements drawn from largely familiar palettes.
  19. Le Ménisque Original
    by Sarah Terral
    La volonté La volonté
    Amazing stuff, executed in such a focused manner. Small modular instrument.
  20. Swim, Simian
    by Aqeel Aadam