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  1. Psychonautic Escapism
    by The Ephemeron Loop
    by Clarence Clarity
  3. アキラ
    by Various
  4. White Is Relic/Irrealis Mood
    by of Montreal
  5. slowalk
    by Hercelot
  6. Goodbye Joy
    by Please Lose Battle
  7. nrrv6
    by goreshit
  8. Plac Zabaw
    by Bitamina
    by Zackery Wilson
  10. BUY NOW (Deluxe Edition)
    by Eyeliner
  11. Safe tools
    by Eat Rabbit
  12. Kiss The Dolphin
    by Eat Rabbit
  13. introducing neals
    by ytcracker
    imprisoned by the syndicate imprisoned by the syndicate
    Absolutely brilliant story based on both experience and predictions about the future told in a devastating fashion! Extremely good flow, amazing lyrics and the message contained within is to be taken seriously. preach_on/10
  14. 1̠̙̟͓̯͉͈͘0͏̹͍͇͕̼y̟̤̟̱̙̦͠r͕͔̖̩̱̯͡ͅs_͙̯̥͖̫͉͡十年_̜̘̥̫̥̮̘1̣̟͕0̯̗̭̦̣́y̠͕͈̹r͇s͚͡
    by Comptroller
  15. Chrome (DATA052)
    by Makeup And Vanity Set
  16. flower funeral
    by high sunn
  17. The Kingdom
    by Condor & Jaybird
    O, Divine Sinner! O, Divine Sinner!
    No words can express my love towards Condor & Jaybird. Absolutely brilliant compositions that have a very special place in the deepest corners of my heart, making it get darker and darker each day slowly driving me insane...
  18. Soulless Computer Boy and The Eternal Render
    by Trevor Something
  19. Along the Sea Breeze
    by Renge
  20. Bedroom EP
    by Please Lose Battle