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  1. "Non si potrebbe?" A Compilation in Loving Memory of Giulia Salvatori
    by Xenoglossy Productions
  2. • Лічи до ста • Симфонія №1 •
    by Олександр Юрченко
  3. Si Nihil Aliud
    by DOPPLeR
    Metallic Tambura Like Drones Metallic Tambura Like Drones
    Quality stuffs
  4. Eight Gates
    by Jason Molina
  5. If A City Is Set Upon A Hill
    by Current 93
  6. blu
    by norse
  7. The Drier Months
    by General Men
  8. GM - GM
    by GM
  9. ELECTRIC ELECTRIC Sad Cities Handclappers LP Vinyl (sold out)
  10. SPIRA
    by Daniela Pes
  11. April Dancer
    by Karaba F.C.
  12. Metta World Peace
    by Soft Kill
  13. The Bestial Light
    by Radar Men From The Moon
  14. All Fiction
    by Pile
  15. The Ticket EP (2009)
    by Peter Kernel
  16. Bones For Time
    by Tongue Depressor
  17. Fissile sampler
  18. Ψ²
    by Astolfo Sulla Luna
  19. split w/ abandoncy
    by norse/abandoncy
  20. MARKS: Songs For Those I Have Killed
    by Knife Liibrary