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  2. Metal
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  1. Perceptual
    by Fifth Quadrant
  2. Frost
    by Fifth Quadrant
  3. Evola EP
    by Fifth Quadrant
  4. Eridium
    by Andrew Scott
  5. Manipura
    by Aegeus
  6. EP1
    by Evil Day Of Death
  7. Fish-Horse
    by rubycone
  8. Old Nothern Whale (EP)
    by rubycone
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Volition (Instrumental)
    by Protest the Hero
  10. Nerima
    by Milco
  11. The Process
    by Inertia The Rock Band
    Face of Defeat Pt. I Face of Defeat Pt. I
  12. Relentless (Instrumental)
    by Gradyents
  13. Create. Affect. Repeat.
    by Divinex
  14. Animate
    by HARBOUR
  15. Constellations
    by Samie Sahim
  16. 風光絶佳EP
    by Nostalgia Sound Works
  17. Solitude EP
    by Somnambulist
  18. Bloom
    by Incipience
  19. Insularity
    by Valis Ablaze
  20. Djurassic Word (DELUXE EDITION)
    by HUNG
  21. Bending Light [Bandcamp Exclusive]
    by Tactus
    Goliath Goliath
    Great band. Can’t wait for them to release new material.
  22. Panacea (Instrumental)
    by AURAS
    Chimerical (Instrumental) Chimerical (Instrumental)
  23. Philomath
    by The Ancient Mental
  24. Chapajuby
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
  25. Colors
    by Beyond Our Eyes
    appears in 1 other collection
  26. Clear Skies EP
    by Clear Skies
    Lone Ranger Lone Ranger
  27. You'll Find Me In The Mountains
    by Sky Atlas
  28. "Clandestine The Future"
    by Potential
  29. "Favorite Hello And Hardest Goodbye"
    by Potential
  30. "Accession Trials"
    by Potential
  31. Aether & Echo
    by State of Serenity
  32. Between The Lines
    by Dark Raven Project
    appears in 1 other collection
  33. Monument (Instrumental)
    by Beyond Our Eyes
  34. Narčat
    by Second To Sun
  35. Comeback From the Ashes
    by Dark Raven Project
    God's Mistake God's Mistake
  36. Renewed Perspective
    by Jason Baker
  37. To Separate Us From The Clouds
    by Their Dogs Were Astronauts
  38. Secret Snakes / Silent Serpent
    by Dead Empires