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  1. Peace Through Tyranny
    by Kill Division
  2. Fire In The Sky
    by TAVYRN
  3. Dommedagsnatt
    by Thorr's Hammer
  4. Night Raid
    by Minenfeld
  5. Caustic Fetid Vomit
    by Cryptic Brood
  6. Speed Inferno
    by Seax
  7. Alveol
    by Voivod
  8. The Grotesquery Ruins of Death
    by Convulsive
  9. The Scars of a Lost Reflective Shadow
    by The Chasm
  10. Upon Desolation
    by Mortuous
  11. Morbid Scream - The Signal To Attack: 1986-1990
    by Black Montanas
  12. Sacred Vessel
    by Ancient Death
  13. Volatile Forms
    by Dead Void
  14. Morbid Throne
    by Grave Ritual
  15. Hypnotic Blood Art
  16. Offer Your Life
    by Nuclear Tomb
  17. Climax of Disgusting Impurities
    by Abhorrency
  18. Witchslayer
    by Witchslayer
  19. Realms of Desolation
    by Amenorrhea
  20. Succumbing
    by Nuclear Tomb