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  1. Waves of Quietus
    by Burial Grid
  2. beyond the edge of the world
    by lookfar
  3. The Razorwire Sessions Vol. 2: 2004​-​2006
    by Leifendeth
  4. ever chance
    by clust.r
  5. Two Suns
    by Bart Graft
  6. Limerence - Deluxe Version
    by SkyYamaha
    A brilliant, powerful exploration of love and the complicated aspects of limerance by an artist who has an amazing talent for creating powerfully emotional electronic music. With moments of high energy coalesced with relaxed and reflective segments, this is a diverse and beautiful trio of arrangements that explores intimate concepts from a variety of unique angles. It's always awesome to have a new SkyYamaha release, and this set of music is among their very best.
  7. The Golden Stag
    by Meadow Grove
  8. a view from above
    by Holon
  9. Nu Record
    by Manhatten
  10. Just Be
    by Manhatten
  11. Home for Hitodama
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    One Life One Moment One Life One Moment
    The sounds, the cover artwork, the mood, the feel - Across the sensory spectrum, this album is a true delight in every way.
  12. Sentimental - EP
    by Faint Waves
  13. The Repair of the Spacetime Continuum
    by Mike Templar
  14. 345. Synthetic Heart
  15. Hustle Culture Cancer
    by Lars Haur
    by Caspro
  17. Happy Merry Synthmas Volume 6
    by Jetfire Prime
  18. Atlantica
    by AWITW
    by Life Patterns
  20. Perennial / Flying Out
    by impromptu