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  1. Empyrean
    by Paranorm
  2. seeds
    by eevee
  3. eevee beat tapes vol. 1-10
    by eevee
  4. unexpected
    by eevee
  5. eevee beat tapes vol. 1-10
    by eevee
  6. Dread Reaver
    by Abbath
  7. This World Is Going To Ruin You
  8. Phase Out
    by Cara Neir
    Shady Blades Shady Blades
  9. Pike vs The Automaton
    by Pike vs The Automaton
    Alien Slut Mum Alien Slut Mum
    Pike can do no wrong in my book…

    This fucking rips, can’t wait for the full release!
  10. Texas Moon
    by Khruangbin
  11. Unmarked Boxes
    by Daxma
  12. Old Nick - Iam Vampire Castle
    by Old Nick
    Blood Blood Blood Blood Blood!!!!! Blood Blood Blood Blood Blood!!!!!
  13. Tide Turns Eternal
    by Dream Unending
  14. Foeticidal Embryo Harvestation (Demo reissue & live performances)
    by Afterbirth
  15. Possessions
    by Blushing
  16. Foreverglade
    by Worm
  17. Ascension Codes
    by Cynic
  18. Malignant Reality (Dissonant Death Metal)
    by Perilaxe Occlusion
  20. Piecework
    by Kowloon Walled City