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  1. Dreams Are Fan Fiction Of Reality
    by Keiji Otarii
  2. Lustful Sacraments
  3. Simulation
    by The Starfighter
  4. Arm The Muscle Mech / Geisha
    by Chrome Corpse / Decent News
  5. The Neon Eclipse EP
    by The Powerwalker
  6. Face the Beast
    by The Powerwalker
  7. Strange Depths
    by The Powerwalker
  8. Hominem Ex Machina (feat. Ethereal Delusions)
    by The Powerwalker, Ethereal Delusions
  9. Quantik Ruins (feat. Dav Dralleon)
    by Dav Dralleon, The Powerwalker
  10. A New World
    by The Powerwalker
  11. Neurovore
    by The Powerwalker
    by Lazer Station
  13. Brutalsm [Digital 7"]
    by Miles Matrix
  14. Bring Out Your Dead (feat. Keiji Otarii)
    by Miles Matrix
  15. Dreams of the Deep: The Instrumentals
    by Aviators
  16. Black Sharken
    by Niky Nine
  17. Thank You, Mr. President Soundtrack - Based on a Darren Detoni Story
    by Darren Detoni
  18. Prisoners
    by Ron Cannon
  19. It's Christmas Time! VI
    by Retro Promenade
  20. Edge Of The Universe
    by Cyberwalker