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  1. King of Nothing, Slave to No One
    by Erang
    King of Nothing King of Nothing
    Like all of Erang’s sonic ventures into The Land of Five Seasons, King of Nothing… represents a new dimension of his brainchild for listeners to observe, explore and possibly partake in. Through his combination of epic ambient, medieval folk and traditional dungeon synth, Erang has again proven his prowess at his craft. Those looking for a solid dungeon synth album will not be disappointed, but those looking for a doorway into another world would be wise to follow Erang’s call.
  2. Thoughts of Ionesco - Skar Cymbals
    by Corpse Flower Records
    Culture of the Eternal Snake Culture of the Eternal Snake
    Though still not a household name, TOI has become the stuff of legend for Detroit hardcore veterans and connoisseurs of fringe music, which explains the buzz their impending comeback left in its wake. Skar Cymbals may not sport the suicidal ferocity of …And Then There Was Motion, but definitely proves the longevity of interesting music and the emotion that drives it.
  3. The Rise of the Specter
    by Old Tower
    The Rise of the Specter part I The Rise of the Specter part I
    From my experience, Dungeon Synth is a polarized genre to explore — it either works or it doesn't. Old Tower has a deep understanding of the spiritual aspects of this music, along with embracing the cheesiness of the instrumentation and making something genuinely emotional out of it. It takes a unique musical mind to pull this style off to a truly memorable degree, and this guy did it.
  4. Futility Report
    by White Ward
    Homecoming Homecoming
    Minimalist electronics, sensual saxophone melodies and immersive ambience sandwich between an intoxicating metallic hybrid as Rodin’s lyrics explore despondency. Hopelessness and uncertainty pervade throughout the album, whether he recounts an asylum patient's violent escape from his captors and ultimately his life or the final musings of one willfully drowning. Rodin does not pander to the faint of heart, pulling “Futility Report” together as a harsh narrative on human suffering.
  5. Pennsylvanica
    Untitled Untitled
  6. Second Sequence
    by Stellar Descent & Aylwin
    The Expiation The Expiation
    Cascadian black metal, like most atmospheric black metal styles, often sounds great in concept but rarely lives up to expectations. Both of these bands understand the importance of musicality to back up their sonic aura. Naturalism and mysticism manifest from the songwriting, not from image. These guys know what cascadian black metal is all about, and it shows.
  7. Eternal Grey
    by $uicideboy$
    BREAKDALAW2K16 (Feat. Pouya) BREAKDALAW2K16 (Feat. Pouya)
  8. Eschatological Scatology (2009)
    Eschatological Scatology Eschatological Scatology
  9. Hateful Transgression x Jesus Wept x Martyrs of Necromancy Split
    by Jesus Wept
    As Roots Pull Me Under I Become One With The Earth As Roots Pull Me Under I Become One With The Earth
  10. The Well-Intentioned Virus
    by Zao
    Broken Pact Blues Broken Pact Blues
    Zao’s “The Well-Intentioned Virus” provides the perfect summation of what makes these five musicians worthy of the reverence they receive, while also reaching a surpassing level of diversity, viciousness and sublimity. Their singularly confrontational dimension of crushing riffs, terrifying wretches and beautiful songwriting awaits those who take the trip.
  11. Dipsomania
    by Psychonaut 4
    Alcoholism Alcoholism
  12. .- -... ... . -. -.-. .
    by Mesarthim
    ..... .....
    Like a beam of light cascading through walls of dark matter, Mesarthim voyages into the greatest of unknowns. They acknowledge its terrifying vastness with throat shredding rasps and frigid tremolo picking lines while affirming its glorious wonder through shimmering synth pads and driving rhythm. “Absence” encapsulates the fear and awe humanity feels towards the outer reaches of the universe, securing the Australian duo’s place within underground music and the ongoing exploration of space.
  13. Kodama
    by Alcest
    Kodama Kodama
    While the stylistic angle of other practitioners becomes obvious, the musicians behind “Kodama” never sound like an indie band trying to appear edgy or vice versa. Alcest implements elements of black metal, shoegaze and post-rock with surpassing tact. The ugliest and most beautiful sounds on this record manifest naturally, allowing songs to breathe to and from distinctive passages.
  14. Cosmic Adventure
    by Scott Tixier
    Troublant Bolero Troublant Bolero
    With a band supporting him wherever he decides to go musically, Scott Tixier’s visions come to vibrant and stimulating life. “Cosmic Adventure” is more than a collection of tunes by masterful players, but a true testament to his abilities as a soloist, a band leader and a composer.
  15. Kentucky
    by Panopticon
    Bernheim Forest in Spring Bernheim Forest in Spring
  16. Themes from William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
    by Ulver
    Instrumental 2 Instrumental 2
  17. Return of the Jedi Commentary Track
    by Red Letter Media
  18. The Promise Of Oblivion
    by Deadspace
    The Promise Of Oblivion The Promise Of Oblivion
  19. Abyss
    Carrion Flowers Carrion Flowers
  20. Abyss Of Longing Throats
    Through Flesh Through Flesh
  21. Xenophobe / Fear Itself
    by Zao
    Xenophobe Xenophobe
    From the moment "Xenophobe" began, I had a smile on my face. This is Zao. This is metalcore in its most emotionally riveting form. These tracks return to the crushing heaviness of Librate with a healthy amount of The Fear style chaos. Those who long for Zao to return to their savage past can rejoice, or I guess they could try as they get eviscerated.
  22. Mr. Plinkett's Phantom Commentary Full
    by Harry S. Plinkett
  23. Abyssal EP
    by Nott
    Womb of Nihility Womb of Nihility
    This is... Heavy. Unbelievably heavy. This is not a pretty album. This is not an album that tries to please anyone. This is a terrifying, claustrophobic assault on the senses. I am absolutely floored by the untempered hatred on this record. The vocalist truly embodies the monster he wrote this EP about. The instrumentation is just as uncompromising. I could only describe this as a combination of Doom Metal and Djent. Buy this now if you want to hear the sound of an apocalypse.
  24. Bell Witch Demo 2011
    by Bell Witch
    Mayknow Mayknow
    Doom Metal is known for doing a lot with a little, and BW embodies that principle gloriously. The fact this band only consists of a bass player and a drummer and still delivers evocative, euphonic music is baffling to me. I recommend you watch a concert video of this band or see them play live in order to understand how inventive the bass player is as he simultaneously plays the melodic, harmonic, and cord structure of the songs. I like this more than the LP. It is true Sludge/Doom sublimity.
  25. The Anticonscience
    by RECLUSA
    -98.6F -98.6F