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  1. Standing Stones
    by Marian Call
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    The Devil The Devil
    Long anticipated and totally living up to all the ridiculously high expectations I've built up since the album was first announced. Eclectic "new" sounds and surprising harmonies unlike anything we've heard from Marian before while staying 100% true to it.
  2. Hackney Colliery Band
    by Hackney Colliery Band
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    Slow Burn Slow Burn
    Loose, funky grooves and rich harmonies, with an icing of pop. . Can't get enough of this!
  3. Blonde
    by Cœur de pirate
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    Place de la République Place de la République
    Music that makes you want to take your Scooter and ride into the Paris afternoon with a big smile, preferably some time in the Sixties.
  4. A Dense Swarm Of Ancient Stars
    by I Monster
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    Escape From New Yorkshire Escape From New Yorkshire
    Smooth and catchy yet always a little 'off', with hints of psychedelic pop and dub. Great songs, too. But mostly, it's just fun.
  5. We, Love, We
    by The Drain
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    Love Myself Love Myself
    Witty, sophisticated, yet catchy alternative rock with a heavy, straight-forward sound and a lot of drive. Fucking awesome indeed.
  6. Portrait
    by Josephine
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    Portrait Portrait
    Modern production, yet refreshingly old-fashioned and down-to-earth. I think it's the lack of flashy mannerisms and clichés. Also, great voice! That always helps...
  7. Philosoft
    by Nicole Aube
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    Perfect Lover Perfect Lover
    Wicked, haunting sounds and strong, confident melodies. A few of the songs take a while to catch on, but they do, big time, and if there's one thing I can't fault a debut album for, it's ambition.
  8. Suburban Heart
    by The All-About
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    Peregrine Peregrine
    Recollecting days gone by with a strong dose of eighties' style power pop - except that, just like the old days, eighties' power pop never really was this good.
  9. A little death
    by Bobby Jealousy
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    Take you on Take you on
    Funny, melodic, cheesy & catchy - if you don't have at least one of these tunes stuck in your head after hearing it only once, you're deaf.
  10. I'm Not A Hipster EP: The Mishal Moore & DJ Fonti Project
    by Mishal Moore
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    Soldier Soldier
    Haunting vocals and smart arrangements make for an exciting experience. Not hipsters indeed. Hipsters would have made this boring.
    by Rebekah Higgs
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    Youth & Beauty Youth & Beauty
    The kind of music angels would make - after they got drunk & giggly. Odd, witty, charming, fun. Beautiful.
    by Deep Sea Diver
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    You Go Running You Go Running
    Ambitious, sometimes epic, over a base of edgy guitar pop. Lots of confidence, catchy songs and a great voice.
  13. Walt Whitman Mall
    by Bill Janovitz
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    Mae & Maggie (I & II) Mae & Maggie (I & II)
    As an early Buffalo Tom fan, I never liked it too much when they went folky, but this solo album has just the right solid rock base that makes these songs stand out.
  14. Nighty Night
    by 8in8
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    Because the Origami Because the Origami
    They had me at Gaiman and Folds.