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  1. The Devil Drives
    by Funki Porcini
    23 years ago I bought Hed Phone Sex .. since then he never stop to tickle, surprize and challenge my tympans, pupils ... and soul. thank you James. (one of the very few who didn't sell out or become a postcard)
    ps. the Bunuel movie Simon del Deserto released in 1965 (the year I was born) blasted my world when I was still an "innocent" kid.
  2. The Devil & The Moon
    by Darius Greene
  3. My Sweetheart
    by Darius Greene
    appears in 1 other collection
    by loopus in fabula
  5. Larva Lumps and Baby Bumps
    by Controlled Bleeding
    Perks Moonlight Perversion (Chvad SB Remix) Perks Moonlight Perversion (Chvad SB Remix)
    perky biz
  6. Permission To Come Aboard
    by Superspirit
    We Belong To The Cosmos We Belong To The Cosmos
  7. Of Palm Trees & Decomposition
    by Charbel Haber
  8. Voices
    by Kink Gong
  9. Symbols Follow
    by Mutamassik
  10. Xinjiang
    by Kink Gong
  11. Whales Calling
    by Michel Banabila, Oene van Geel, Keimpe de Jong, Koen Kaptijn
  12. More Research From The Same Dept.
    by Michel Banabila
    one of my fav soundtracks for trips
  13. Johnny Kafta Anti- Vegetarian Orchestra
    by Johnny Kafta Anti- Vegetarian Orchestra
    In Praise Of Habra In Praise Of Habra
    ... unspeakable ..
  14. Rattle Snake Festival
    by Guitar Wizards of the Future
  15. Kwerk
    by Random Records
  16. Undivided
    by EarthMother One
  17. Living Your Dream
    by EarthMother One
  18. Super Deep Orange
    by Ang Kerfoot
  19. Memory of Origin
    by Wou-Wou & The Wormling
  20. Blue Riders.
    by Ioka
  21. Vinci.
    by Ioka
  22. HEREM (from Jerico to Gaza)
    by Gaza Dub Deploy
  23. wiggly bytes
    by mauxuam
  24. quinkunx dub (version 1.1)
    by mauxuam
  25. fi​$​hy dub
    by mauzzuah vs monster mahgrarita
  26. virgole
    by mauxuam
  27. cloudcycle/cloud.5 (plexus)
    by cloudcycle
  28. cloudcycle/cloud.4 (live)
    by cloudcycle
  29. viceversa
    by mauxuam
  30. cloudcycle/cloud.3 (the remixes)
    by cloudcycle
  31. cloudcycle/cloud.1
    by cloudcycle
  32. cloudcycle/cloud.2 (alt)
    by cloudcycle
  33. Toploader
    by Oïd Mü
    Rinse Cycle Rinse Cycle
    rinse and again rinse and rinse again and
  34. 空 Empty Sky
    by Wåveshåper
  35. Empty Path
    by Wåveshåper
  36. Electro Glyph
    by Wåveshåper
  37. The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind (Remastered)
    by T.Power
  38. Thank You For Your Consideration
    by Venetian Snares
  39. IOU Babe
    by Mondo Vanilli
    Love Is The Product Love Is The Product
    unbelievable that this is not in the charts right now!
  40. FBD001 MOBMJC- One
    by Morbidly-O-Beats & MJC
  41. Let My People Go
    by Darondo
  42. Whampoa
    by Tomjuno
    why do I like it ? I don't know, my skin knows it since I had gus bumps as soon as I press play, my feet know and started to follow the rhythm. shame I could afford to pay only 3 euros because this kind of work deserves alot more than money can buy. Highly recommended any of the little gems that maestro Tomjuno releases with dedication.
  43. [blpsq039] dreams
    by Various Artists
  44. Loopus & Peaka : BACKUP & FUCKUP!
  45. The Far Field
    by Hank Tilbury