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  1. Class of '84
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  2. Eclipse of the Dual Moons
    by High Command
  3. Husk
    by Hope Drone
  4. Labyrinth of Hungry Ghosts
    by Arkaik
  5. Inceste [Deluxe Edition]
    by Imperial Triumphant
  6. Relentless Mutation
    by Archspire
  7. Bleed the Future
    by Archspire
  8. Meta
    by Car Bomb
  9. Only Time Will Tell
    by Contrarian
  10. Synesthesia
    by Odious Mortem
  11. Enraged & Unbound
    by Unfathomable Ruination
  12. Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone
    by Ominous Ruin
  13. Human (Reissue)
    by Death
  14. Scream Bloody Gore (Reissue)
    by Death
  15. Spiritual Healing (Reissue)
    by Death
  16. Šahrartu
    by Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum
  17. Void Lustre
    by Hope Drone
  18. Atrament
    by A Sense of Gravity
    A+ Vinyl pressing. Very happy to own this!