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Matt Summers

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  1. It Happens Too Briefly To Know [GST-14]
    by Jr. Adelberg
    Kids Kids
  2. Homeroom Breakfast
    by boy scouts
    July 9 2015 July 9 2015
  3. Buttery Sprouts & Other Songs
    by Trace Mountains
    forgiveness forgiveness
    great soundscapes + songwriting i've been listening to this on the bus a lot
  4. White Corolla (Version)
    by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
    White Corolla (version) White Corolla (version)
  5. Mr. Watson (Single)
    by Cesar Ruiz
    Mr. Watson (Single) Mr. Watson (Single)
  6. Soap No.2 (Single)
    by Cesar Ruiz
    Soap No.2 Soap No.2
  7. Playland
    by supermoon
    Bottleships Bottleships
    one of the most played tapes in my van, varied indie rock/pop, consistently catchy
  8. love, left fallow, bursts forth from the spring
    by early night
    iv iv
    best fuzz tones i've ever heard/was my introduction to heavy fuzzed out guitars, makes me want to play drums
  9. Mush EP
    by Amateur Hour
    Trouble Trouble
  10. incantations for love and friendship
    by First Boyfriend
    red coffee cup red coffee cup
    thoughtful and soft, feelings i'm grateful to hear and know i'm not alone in
  11. Homeworlding
    by Fraternal Twin
    White Wind White Wind
    i wish i had this album in high school, but am endlessly glad that this album captures the sounds i needed to hear back then in a timeless way i can revisit now almost sentimentally as if i DID have it in high school thanks tom + co.
  12. mud kid
    by Slothfella
    Mud Kid Mud Kid
    composition and vocal prod. inspiration, love listening to this on the drive to work
  13. Moon Racer
    by Moon Racer
    Princess Jasmine in the Hourglass Princess Jasmine in the Hourglass
    i love the sounds and melodies in these songs so much, very nice on a cold morning + i'm excited to have the tape for the winter
  14. Everything Dies
    by Des Ark
    French Fries are Magical French Fries are Magical
    French Fries... into Street Woods is the most emotional, amazing transition i've heard on any album. there's no bad part to this record it's 100% start to finish
  15. Four Abstractions
    by Advance Base
    Christmas in Dearborn (Demo) Christmas in Dearborn (Demo)
    having *versions of songs is important to me personally. examples of the development of artists and their art. these versions are great examples of how sometimes it's not so much development as it is just different. varied experiences. great selection !
  16. Skin Gets Hot
    by Fraternal Twin
    Skin Gets Hot Skin Gets Hot
  17. Everyone Everywhere (2012)
    by Everyone Everywhere
    I Feel Exhausted I Feel Exhausted
  18. Small Wind Power
    by Fraternal Twin
    Small Wind Power Small Wind Power
  19. Lord Mayor Makes 1,000 Speeches
    by Beverly Tender
    Wham-O-Blam-O Wham-O-Blam-O
  20. peeled
    by places we slept.
    Sewage Bay Atlantic Sewage Bay Atlantic
  21. ghost graduation 「S P L I T」
    by Fraternal Twin
    Boil Boil
  22. from underneath EP
    by ROYA
    co-lateral co-lateral
  23. Sophomoronic
    by Studying
    Because What Has Hardened Will Never Win Because What Has Hardened Will Never Win