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  1. Eagle Has Landed (instrumental)
    by Dynamo Bliss
  2. Tabula Rasa
    by Tabula Rasa
    by Steak
  4. Space Monster
    by Space Monster
  5. Wanzwa III
    by Wanzwa
  6. Inner Sanctum
    by The Cosmic Dead
  7. Tumbleweed Dealer
    by Tumbleweed Dealer
  8. Witchrider EP (2013)
    by Witchrider
  9. The Road. The Reason.
    by And The Traveler
  10. Voiceless
    by Room For A Ghost
  11. Day and Night
    by Dynamo Bliss
  12. The Great Deception (full album)
    by Seconds Before Landing
  13. Triangulate
    by Bolus
  14. 1099
    by 1099
  15. A Lifeblood Psalm
    by The Twenty Committee
    The Knowledge Enterprise-Overture The Knowledge Enterprise-Overture
    I love everything about this album. It's simply an UNBELIEVABLE debut. There's nothing else to say, just listen to it. It won't disappoint.
  16. Watch Your Step
    by Bolus
  17. True North EP
    by Alberto Alaska
  18. Poplar Music
    by Dynamo Bliss
    In The Country In The Country
    Whoa, this album caught me off guard. It's like something I've heard before, but different. I can't explain it, but it's magnificent. I wouldn't have been shocked if someone played this and told me it was from '75. Really, really great effort from Dynamo Bliss. Easily my favorite album of 2013 so far. It's going to take something unbelievable to supplant it.
  19. Metaphors EP
    by The Winter Brave
    Hungry Hungry Hungarians Hungry Hungry Hungarians
    Dig, dig, dig the sound. The Winter Brave should be, and hopefully will be, huge.
  20. Thick Skin EP
    by Bywater
    Vere Vere
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