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  1. In Depths Of Dreams Unconscious
  2. Northern Chronicles of Worship: Autumn & Winter
    by Armath Sargon
  3. Whitefrozen
  4. Day Of Vengeance (Remastered) (Black Death Folk Metal)
    by Holy Blood
  5. The Terrible Days EP
    by Frank's Enemy
    I Don't Want to Hate I Don't Want to Hate
    This a crazy experiment! As the Frank's Enemy page says, it's the whole kitchen sink approach! There is so much in this, so many different genres represented in this wild, chaotic ep. As someone who has been accused as a 'hater/ bigot' simply because I disagreed (politely and respectfully) with someone else's opinion, I have to say I really appreciate 'I Don't Want to Hate'! :) Very cool. :)
  6. Victory
    by Angel 7
    Having incisive, clear guitar tones cutting through the mix is a truly refreshing for brutal metal... The punk aesthetic is very cool, giving each track an urgency and immediacy. The growls are fantastic and overall mix makes this great listen.
  7. Eulogies
    by Wolves At the Gate
    Weight of Glory Weight of Glory
    Wow, I am still digesting this album- there's a lot here! Eulogies is heavy and aggressive, moreso than Eclipse, although it still retains much of the melody and clean singing as well. The crunch of the riffs throughout the album is very cool. Have to recommend this one, even as I'm still getting into it myself! :D
    'No Tomorrow' and 'Stop the Bleeding' are close second/ third fave tracks...
  8. Les Voyages De L'Âme
    by Alcest
    Why do I love this album? Well... It's Alcest. It's fantastic! Great album, finally got around to purchasing this one (I bought Ecailles de Lune from FNAC in Paris back in 2011 and really enjoyed it, so it's taken way too long to get this one!) :)
  9. The Season Of Death
    by Symphony of Heaven
  10. Ad Majorem Dei Glorium
    by Dawnbreaker
    Holy Grail Holy Grail
    Heck yeah! This album is brutal and chaotic. It is so good to have constant releases from an artist who hasn't slowed down the album output over these covid years! AMDG is fast, frenetic, intense and well executed. Great music, play it loud!
    * edit I can't believe I didn't mention the more power metal inspired vocals on 'Art that Depicts...' they add a very different dimension to the blackened vocals for the rest of the album! Cool stuff!
  11. Imperishable
    by daygraves
    Less Human Less Human
    Imperishable is expansive and intense in its scope, creating tracks that flow and contrast with beauty and force. The long, slow-build of Desert Dust, compared the sudden onslaught of The Loneliest Liturgy is a great example. daygraves shows restraint at times, focused on building atmosphere and anticipation, while at other times, wastes to time to throw the listener into the chaotic storm. I love this! Check it out.
  12. Vox Medusae
    by Potmos Hetoimos
  13. Circle of Dust (25th Anniversary Edition)
    by Circle of Dust
    The 25th Anniversary remix/ remaster of CoD's debut album is so, so very cool. This release pumps with the power, aggression and complexity of the music, lyrics and overall sound. So cool!
  14. FarSky OST
    I love the low-key video game Farsky and the music here is part of what makes the game so enjoyable. The ambiance of the tracks in general is beautiful.
  15. Evelyn
    by Potmos Hetoimos
  16. Process of Progression
    by Bloodline Severed
    Light Light
    These guys are fantastic. The tightness of this album is evident in every track. The gutteral growls combined with the melodic singing make it constantly an intriguing listen. The crunch of the guitars and pummelling of drums and bass guitar are infectious too. Bloodline Severed rock! 😊
  17. Apokalipsa
    by Malchus
    BrońMy BrońMy
    This is fantastic! It's heavy, melodic and it shreds! It has a great variety of musical elements that combine to create something just a little different from the rest. I love it. :)
  18. Demo
    by Within Thy Wounds
    Beautiful brutality! :) Heck yes!!
    This a gem of a release.
  19. The Final Empire
    by daygraves
    TFE contains all the trademark heaviness, dreaminess, blackened vocals, sombre atmosphere that I've come to expect of daygraves. I love Silver and the split ep with Within Thy Wounds as well. Haunting, beautiful music.
  20. Silver
    by daygraves
    This is incredible ambient blackened metal... I guess Black-gaze is the technical term... This is so dreamy and abrasive at the same time. So melodic and aggressive as well. I love this ep. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to it in the last 2 days alone. Great ambiance. Love it.