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Matthew Sasso

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  1. Acidious
    by Sync24
    Acid for Blood Acid for Blood
    This is probs my favourite up beat album from anyone in a long while. Just full of bangers. Wakkawakkas for days.
  2. Earthshine (remastered) (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
  3. By The Void (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
    Solar Fields and game music - name a more iconic pair. But seriously he is amazing at making sounds and music for games he should continue to do so!

    I realised this is a table top not a video game. Either way same business, it's all about dat atmosphere and vibe. Beautiful track.
  4. Leaving Home (remastered) (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
    Air Song (remastered) (24bit) Air Song (remastered) (24bit)
    simply amazing timeless music.
  5. Until We Meet The Sky (remastered) (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
    Phase 08 - Night Traffic City (remastered) (24bit) Phase 08 - Night Traffic City (remastered) (24bit)
  6. Paris (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
    by Hardy Heller & Alex Connors, Mihai Popoviciu
  7. Veils
    by Hilyard
    Existential Thread (Warmth Remix) Existential Thread (Warmth Remix)
    as always hilyard captures the human experience from my perspective. but he isn't me and that's why it's special. very relatable deep ambience that washes over your mind like the deep ocean abyss.
  8. Undiscovered Stories (24 bit)
    by Solar Fields
  9. 歌舞伎町冒険
    by SkyTwoHigh
  10. Stochastic
    by Carbon Based Lifeforms
  11. Strange Lights & Other Sky Ghosts
    by Alonefold
  12. Blue Moon Station (remastered) (24 bit)
    by Solar Fields
  13. (a) period. (24bit)
    by AES DANA
  14. Origin # 03 (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
  15. Gallery Six - The Inner World [TE0045]
    by Diffuse Reality Records
  16. Noir
    by Ultimax
  17. under the sun
    by Gallery Six
  18. Somnolent
    by Hilyard
  19. Extended (remastered) (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
  20. Reflective Frequencies remastered special digital edition (24bit)
    by Solar Fields
    Cotton Fudge Cream Clouds (remastered) Cotton Fudge Cream Clouds (remastered)